Charlton Boulevard Bus Gate Consultation

What we want to know and why

South Gloucestershire Council is asking for community feedback to understand your views on future road traffic arrangements for Charlton Boulevard and Sparrowbill Way.

When the planning permission for Charlton Hayes was granted in the 2000s, a short stretch of bus lane was proposed on Charlton Boulevard between Concorde Roundabout (Hayes Way) and Sparrowbill Way. The inclusion of the bus lane was to ensure that residents had convenient access to frequent bus services.

As the houses were built, this section of Charlton Boulevard was opened to residents to provide access to properties. In 2018, on learning of the proposed bus lane, many residents signed a petition requesting that the road should remain open for general access. The council considered this request and concluded that given recent investment in public transport improvements, such as MetroBus, public transport provision needs had been met by other means. In light of this, the council is proposing to leave Charlton Boulevard open for general access and ask the developer not to complete the bus lane. Before this final decision is made, we would like to consider your feedback.

Share your views

We are particularly keen to hear from those people who will be most impacted most by this decision:

  • Residents who live on Charlton Boulevard
  • Other residents of Charlton Hays
  • People who regularly travel along Charlton Boulevard

Please share your views by clicking on the button link below to complete a quick online survey.

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How your feedback will be used

Through this consultation, we are asking local people to give feedback on what should happen next with regards to the proposed bus gate at the southern end of Charlton Boulevard from its junction with Sparrowbill Way to Concorde Roundabout. Options under consideration are to either:

  • Remove the developer’s planning obligation to deliver a bus gate and keep Charlton Boulevard open to all traffic (preferred option)
  • Proceed with the original plans for a bus gate, which would restrict access to just buses, cyclists, taxis and emergency vehicles.

Please refer to the summary for background to this decision.

Additional information to help you give your feedback

Charlton Boulevard bus gate background information

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Problems completing the survey?

If you have any issues completing the survey, please contact South Gloucestershire Council's Insight and Engagement team by emailing

If you are sending a paper response, you should send it to:
South Gloucestershire Council, Insight and Engagement Team, Charlton Bus Gate, PO Box 1953, Bristol, BS37 0DE


  • Opened
    14 Nov 2022 at 10:00
  • Closes
    20 Dec 2022 at 23:59

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