Charlton Hayes Parish Council consultation

Creating a new parish council for Charlton Hayes

We are creating a new parish council for Charlton Hayes, and we want to hear from you.

In October 2021 ( we consulted on whether a new parish council should be created. We received 482 responses to this consultation.  71% of respondents were in favour of creating a new parish council, 27% wanted to remain part of Patchway Town Council and 2% of respondents did not know which option they preferred or expressed no preference.

In addition, some respondents suggested that the homes in Northfield Park should be included within a new parish if one was created.

Overall, there was sufficient support for the creation of a new parish council for Charlton Hayes and in February 2022, the Regulatory Committee recommended the creation and approved a second stage of consultation.

The proposals for the new Charlton Hayes Parish Council

We are proposing that the new parish is called Charlton Hayes Parish Council.

The enclosed map shows the proposed boundary for the new parish area.  It includes the additional homes in Northfield Park. You can view the map here

We are not proposing any internal wards.

Legislation dictates the duties that we have in relation to creating new parish or town councils. This includes consideration of the population and any changes that might occur within a five-year period from the start date of the review.

The table below shows the current electorate (anyone legally entitled to vote) for Charlton Hayes and the projected electorate of the area, taking into account planned development up to 2026.

Parish Council

Current Electorate

Projected Electorate for 2026

Charlton Hayes



We are proposing that the parish council has nine councillors.  This would enable a fair balance of work across all councillors as the electorate of the area increases.  The table below provides elector to councillor ratios based on current and projected electorates.

Number of parish councillors

Elector to Councillor ratio based on current electorate

Elector to Councillor ratio based on projected 2026 electorate




What we are seeking your views on

We are asking if you have any comments on the number of councillors we are proposing, the single ward arrangement, and any other general comments.

Note – we are not seeking views on whether there is a parish council. This was the phase one consultation (, and as the majority agreed with the creation of a parish council we are now seeking comments on how the parish council is formed.  

Next steps

All the responses to the second stage of consultation will be reviewed and used in a report to go to our Regulatory Committee towards the end of September 2022. A decision will then be made on the set up of the parish council, which will enable arrangements to be made in time for the May 2023 elections so the new parish councillors can be elected.

Have your say

There are several ways for you to tell us about your views on this important local issue. You can:

  • Complete an online response here
  • Download a copy of the consultation questionnaire here and return to Freepost COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW
  • Email:

* Please ensure COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW is in capitals for this to work at the Royal Mail sorting centre.

The consultation closes on 21st August 2022

If you have any further questions or require any additional information, including translations or accessible versions of this document please email: or phone: 01454 868009.


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    5 Jul 2022 at 09:00
  • Closes
    21 Aug 2022 at 23:59


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