Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy 2021

Hackney Carriage (Taxi) and Private Hire Statement of Licensing Policy 2021

The Regulatory Committee of South Gloucestershire Council is undertaking a review of its Hackney Carriage (Taxi) and Private Hire Statement of Licensing Policy. The revised policy, once adopted, is proposed to run from 1st October 2021.

The purpose of the policy is to provide clarity for licensed operators, vehicle proprietors and drivers, and the public as to how South Gloucestershire Council will undertake its licensing function. The policy will also seek to guide this Licensing Authority in making decisions, aligned to the Department for Transport (DfT) Statutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards.

Please read the full draft policy, a more concise summary for consultation and other supporting documents available through this page. There is also a survey available online or to download and print-off, in relation to the main policy proposals.

A brief overview of the Policy

In developing the policy this Council has had regard to wider considerations affecting visitors, employers, and all residents of South Gloucestershire. These considerations include the availability of Hackney Carriage and Private Hire transport at all times, public nuisance, environmental pollution, crime, and the capacity of the service to cope with customer demand, especially at night.

The Council will adopt and carry out its Hackney Carriage and Private Hire licensing function with a view to promoting five licensing objectives.

  1. Safety and health of drivers and the public
  2. Vehicle safety, comfort, and access
  3. To prevent crime, and disorder and to protect consumers
  4. To encourage environmental sustainability
  5. To promote the aims / vision of South Gloucestershire Council

The policy will also address a range of requirements and guidance covering:

Drivers – including amending the criminal convictions policy, suitability assessment, language proficiency, exploitation awareness, disability awareness and a moving and handling course.

Vehicles - including that all new vehicles must meet the Euro 6 Standards and propose to introduce further requirements for low emission vehicle in the future, and amend the current age limit on currently licenced vehicles and amend the fitness inspection from 12 monthly inspections to 6 monthly inspections.

Private Hire Operators – including Disclosure & Barring Service basic disclosure checks for all public facing staff.

Enforcement – including amending the Penalty Points Scheme.


Along with a range of statutory organisations, consultation with residents and other stakeholders is a key part of the review. There are two important documents for interested parties to consider; \the full draft policy with appendices, and a more concise summary.

Find out more and have your say

We welcome comments on the draft Hackney Carriage (Taxi) and Private Hire Statement of Licensing Policy 2021 between 18th June 2021 and the 10th September 2021. We are particularly keen to find out if you feel that all relevant areas are being considered and whether you think there are any specific impacts or alternatives that the council and its partners should consider. Information is also available from your local South Gloucestershire library and One Stop Shop.

You can find out more or tell us your views by:

If you would like someone to talk to your group or organisation about the draft policy, please contact us using the details above to arrange.


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