Kingswood Town Council Consultation

Creating a town council for Kingswood

We are looking to create a new town council for Kingswood, and we want to hear from you.

In October 2021 ( we consulted on whether a new town council should be created and if a new town council could give the community a stronger voice and help build a stronger sense of community feeling.

The consultation asked a range of questions and overall, the results were balanced between those who thought a new town council would be of benefit to the community and those who did not. In February 2022, the Regulatory Committee considered the feedback from the consultation, recommended the creation of a town council for Kingswood and approved a second stage of consultation. 

The proposals for the new Kingswood Town Council

We are proposing that the new town council is called Kingswood town council.

The enclosed map shows the proposed boundaries for the new town area and internal wards. You can view the map here.

We are proposing that the new town council has six internal wards and that there are 15 councillors divided across the six wards. The table below sets out our proposals for the electoral arrangements of the new parish.

Town ward name

Current Electorate

Number of Councillors

Elector to Councillor ratio

New Cheltenham




Kings Chase North




Kings Chase South




Lower Soundwell




Warmley Hill








Dividing the town council into several wards provides for the following benefits:

  • Improved accountability of councillors to the residents of their specific town ward.
  • It will enable councillors to focus on residents issues specifically affecting their town ward. In turn, residents will feel improved local representation.
  • Enables distinct communities within the town to be recognised.
  • In the event of a by-election, costs would be reduced as they would affect smaller geographical areas.

We have proposed names for each of the internal wards to assist in responding to the consultation.  We would welcome your suggestions for internal wards names for the town council.

In addition to considering the current electorate, the law requires us to consider future changes in the local population which are likely to occur within a five-year period from the start of the review. This is to ensure that proposals made now would remain suitable in future. We use planned housing developments up to 2026 to estimate the electorate and for Kingswood this only applies to Kings Chase North, as follows -

Parish ward name

Projected electorate in 2026

Number of Councillors

Elector to Councillor ratio

Kings Chase North




What are the costs of having a town council?

Town and parish councils are funded through a charge added to your council tax. This is known as a precept. These funds are invested in the area to provide or improve local services or facilities.

Residents in unparished areas pay a charge called Special Expenses to cover the costs of services which are usually provided by town and parish councils, but for unparished areas we deliver those services such as emptying public bins and maintaining public spaces. As the decision has been taken to parish the unparished areas, this charge will be reviewed and will be stopped if the new town council delivered all the additional services.

A town council precept will depend on the size of the town, the services it wishes to provide and the number of properties across which it is spread. It is not possible to say how much a precept would be for this area until final decisions on the review have been made. The new town council will set its own precept level and it would depend on the services and facilities it wants to provide. The town council will be accountable to its residents and as such will need to be realistic in the setting their precept.

What are we seeking your views on

We are asking if you have any comments on the number of councillors we are proposing, the internal ward arrangements, the names of the internal wards and any other general comments.

Note – we are not seeking views on whether there is a town council. This was the phase one consultation (, and as that showed enough support for the creation of a new town council, we are now seeking comments on how the parish council is formed.

What happens next?

All the responses to the second stage of consultation will be reviewed and used in a report to go to our Regulatory Committee towards the end of September 2022. A decision will then be made on the set up of the town council, which will enable arrangements to be made in time for the May 2023 elections so the new town councillors can be elected.

Have your say

There are several ways for you to tell us about your views on this important local issue. You can:

  • Complete an online response here
  • Download a copy of the consultation questionnaire here and return to Freepost COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW
  • Email:

* Please ensure COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW is in capitals for this to work at the Royal Mail sorting centre.

The consultation closes on 21st August 2022

If you have any further questions or require any additional information, including translations or accessible versions of this document please email: or phone: 01454 868009.


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    5 Jul 2022 at 09:00
  • Closes
    21 Aug 2022 at 23:59


Marking a consultation as relevant to a particular audience indicates that it may be of special relevance to people within that group. It doesn't, however, mean that other groups wont find the consultation of interest - we welcome responses from everybody.
For example, education issues may be of particular interest to Parents & Guardians, and so will be shown to people searching the system for parenting issues, but the views of others (eg: Business, Faith Groups) are also relevant.