Licensing Act 2003 Register

Licensing Act 2003 Register

Current applications

You can find information about current premises applications submitted under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005 as listed below on this page. Alternatively, for full details and to view a copy of an application at the Licensing office (address below) please contact the Licensing Service on 01454 868001 or you can e-mail

If you require information for a specific premises licence or club premises certificate already issued by this Licensing Authority then please submit your request by e-mail to or attend the Licensing office at:

South Gloucestershire Council

Licensing Service

Engine Common Lane


South Gloucestershire

BS37 7PN

Submitting an objection

Responsible authorities or any other persons (as defined within the Act) may make written representation/s to South Gloucestershire Council about current applications until the expiry date for each respective consultation. Representations must be sent in writing to:

Director for Environment and Community Services

Licensing Service

PO Box 1954


BS37 0DD

or e-mail

If you need any help or advice please contact the Licensing Service on 01454 868001 or you can e-mail The Licensing office is open Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 5pm and Friday 8.45am to 4:30pm.

Premises Name Copy of Application End date (up to 23:59hrs)

Morrisons Daily, Yate (McColls Yate)

 Plans Morrisons Daily, Yate (McColls Yate) 

Redacted Application Morrisons Daily, Yate (McColls Yate)
17th May 2023

Morrisons Daily, Thornbury. (McColls Thornbury)

 Plans Morrisons Daily, Thornbury. (McColls Thornbury) 

Redacted Application Morrisons Daily, Thornbury. (McColls Thornbury)
 17th May 2023

Woodhouse Park Activity Centre, Woodhouse Park, Fernhill, Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire, BS32 4LX

 Redacted Application Woodhouse Park Activity Centre 

Correct Plan Woodhouse Park Activity Centre

 23rd May 2023

Poundland Abbeywood

Plans Poundland Abbeywood 

Redacted Application Poundland Abbeywood
 12th June 2023

Fresh Supermarket, Patchway

Plan Fresh Supermarket, Patchway 

Redacted Application Fresh Supermarket, Patchway
 15th June 2023


  • Opened
    5 Mar 2019 at 13:00
  • Closes
    30 Sep 2023 at 23:59



Consultation Topic
  • Licensing
Marking a consultation as relevant to a particular audience indicates that it may be of special relevance to people within that group. It doesn't, however, mean that other groups wont find the consultation of interest - we welcome responses from everybody.
For example, education issues may be of particular interest to Parents & Guardians, and so will be shown to people searching the system for parenting issues, but the views of others (eg: Business, Faith Groups) are also relevant.