South Gloucestershire New Local Plan Phase 1 Responses

Local Plan 2020

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Richard Walker - Lightwood Str… This section seems focused in the future of least sustainable villages/settlements villages that are not realistically capable of offering a larger expansion opportunity, yet may benefit from additional housing stock during the Plan period. As such we consider that this Section 7 is not relevant to Rock House Farm, Shortwood where a greater the local small/medium scale of development should be planned for.

Intelligent assessment needs to be made of the status of Shortwood as an area of ribbon development and of the role of land within its environs (primarily to the North and South of Main Road, but potentially to the South) in the future development of the East Fringe, and the significant need for more housing in the most sustainable locations.
01 Jun 2021 14:01
Redcliffe Homes Please see enclosed representations. 01 Jun 2021 13:16
Robert Hitchins Ltd Please see enclosed submission. 01 Jun 2021 12:52
Robert Hitchins Ltd and Harrow… Please see enclosed submission. 01 Jun 2021 12:24
Waddeton Park Ltd - Land at Hi… 61. As explained above, whilst Climate Change is highlighted throughout the Issues and Approaches document, it is important that this issue is reflected in the approach to the Spatial Strategy as well as how development sites themselves respond through construction. It would be helpful if the Data Area Profiles address Carbon emissions by settlement when travel data, including distance, mode and type are included. 17 May 2021 18:40
Ivywell Capital (IC) • Assuming a level of development will need to be accommodated at the Rural Villages, the Local Plan should specify a housing requirement for each Parish and allocate specific sites to come forward. This will be especially important for Parishes in the Green Belt as it will be the Local Plan or potentially a Neighbourhood Plan that would formally release land from the Green Belt.

5.15 Not at this stage.
17 May 2021 15:38
Bristol and England Properties… 5.12 We support the principle of seeking to ensure that development at the rural villages is Plan-led in light of the level of speculative development that has come forward at them in recent years.

5.13 Whilst strategic levels of development will be required to sustainably meet the bulk of the Council's housing requirement, development at villages where large-scale development is not possible will still be required to support the vitality and viability of those settlements and address affordability issues.

5.14 In terms of the approach to investigating the appropriate levels of growth that should come forward at the rural villages, the two options are appropriate starting points and will need to be subject to an appropriate Sustainability Appraisal to establish which should ultimately be pursued. The approach may then need to be refined in terms of identifying which rural settlements in the Green Belt should be prioritised based on the application of the guiding principles outlined within the consultation document.

5.15 Indeed, we would note that the Phase 1 document is already suggesting that non-strategic growth at Green Belt settlements would have sustainability benefits over purely pursuing growth at non-Green Belt locations. This, coupled with the overall housing requirement will likely constitute the exceptional circumstances required to justify the release of Green Belt land for development. As such, we consider that Option 2 will need to be pursued and is supported on this basis.

5.16 We also note that part of Frampton Cotterell is already outside of the Green Belt.
17 May 2021 10:52
Newland Homes - Land at Aust Road 5.15 Not at this stage. 14 May 2021 17:12
Newland Homes - Land West of T… 5.15 Not at this stage. 13 May 2021 17:52
Persimmon Homes Severn Valley Please see attached document. 11 May 2021 18:35
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