South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation (2015)

South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation (2015)

20. Step 3 - Methodology for assessing suitability of potential housing sites

20.1 The purpose of the suitability assessment is to identify constraints/issues which would impact on a sites suitability for and quantum of development achievable within a 5 year timescale. Such constraints may be considered so demonstrably harmful that they outweigh the benefits of development (National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 14). Significant constraints and issues could also require comprehensive mitigation or compensation schemes which would push potential development beyond a 5 year timescale. In such cases these sites may be considered through the Joint Spatial Plan and new Local Plan Review processes.

20.2 In order to identify whether or not proposed housing sites are suitable for allocation within the PSP Plan, the following process will take place:

  1. Sites above 150 dwellings, or parcels of larger sites will only be considered for allocation in the PSP Plan where it can be demonstrated that the site can be phased such that the parcel(s) will perform as self-contained and sustainable development in its own right and be delivered within 5 years.
  2. Sites will then be assessed based on the following considerations:
  3. Current use

    Is the site protected and still required for an alternative use including employment, educational, green space or community uses?


    Would development of this site cause unacceptable harm to heritage assets including listed buildings, conservation areas, scheduled ancient monument and other archaeological assets?


    Would development on this site unacceptably affect ecological assets including ancient woodland, trees, habitats and protected species?


    Would development of the site have unacceptable impacts on landscape features, including the Cotswolds AONB?

    Local Green Space nomination

    Has the site been nominated by the community as a Local Green Space and has it been recommended by officers as suitable and justified for designation? Would its benefits as LGS outweigh it benefits as housing?

    Flood risk assessment/surface water drainage issues

    Is the site in areas of high Flood Risk (Flood Zone 3)?

    Health & Safety

    Are there any environmental impacts which would affect would be occupiers and neighbouring areas?.

    Green Belt

    If it is necessary to review Green Belt as a result of the sequential approach set out in section 16?

    A Green Belt review will be undertaken accordance with the national purposes of Green Belt status

    20.3 If a constraint is identified then the council will consider the potential to overcome any adverse impact taking into account the level of impact, the significance of the asset, the impact on the viability of the scheme, and the extent to which the site would make a contribution to housing delivery.

    20.4 Provision of evidence relating to appropriate mitigation of known constraints will also provide evidence of achievability of development (see below).

    20.5 It should be noted that the assessments of constraints will not be the only determinant of whether or not potential housing sites are progressed as an allocation in the PSP Plan. Further assessments of a sites suitability and deliverability are set out in sections 18, 19 and 21.