South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation (2015)

South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation (2015)

21. Step 4 - Methodology for assessing the availability and achievability of sites

21.1 Similarly to site suitability criteria (see above), it is critical that sites can be demonstrated as being available and achievable within the next 5 years.

21.2 Landowners and developers will therefore need to demonstrate that the site is not subject to practical serviceability and land remediation issues, such that render the scheme unviable or that can only be dealt with via wider solutions that require agreement with landowners and interests offsite. Such issues may include but are not limited to:

Access to the transportation network

Sites should be readily and safely accessible, e.g. not requiring significant new highway to connect the site to the existing network.

Access to utilities.

Sites should be readily serviceable. Utility searches should be provided demonstrating that no significant new on or offsite infrastructure would be required that would threaten the viability of the site.

Existing services infrastructure

The site should be clear of existing services such as 240 & 440kv pylons and strategic sewers or it should be demonstrated that development schemes can accommodate such strategic infrastructure and consequential impact on dwelling numbers.


The site would not be subject to significant land remediation and decontamination works.


21.3 The Council is also keen to understand where the site is in the development process. Information on the following issues should also be provided:

Landownership and legal issues. Who owns the land, is the land for sale, any covenants and legal restrictions?
Developer interests. Is the land subject to an option agreement or been subject to developer interest? Has the site been subject to any site feasibility studies?
Has or is a consultant team employed, i.e. land agent, planning & highway consultant, architects etc?
Has a proposed scheme been viability tested against a policy compliant position (i.e. 35% affordable housing)? 


21.4 Please use the response form provided. Landowners are advised at this stage not to commission significant new or additional professional advice to demonstrate deliverability. Subject to site suitability assessment the Council may seek additional information on deliverability prior to the Proposed Submission stage to inform proposed allocations. Please note that Freedom of Information regulations mean that the Council cannot treat evidence confidentially.

21.5 It should be noted that the assessments of deliverability will not be the only determinant of whether or not potential housing sites are progressed as an allocation in the PSP Plan. Further assessments of a sites suitability and deliverability are set out in sections 18, 19 and 20.