South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation (2015)

South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation (2015)

23. Strategic Environmental Assessment/Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations

23.1 The Proposed Submission version of the PSP Plan released in March 2015 was subject to full Sustainability Appraisal (SA), incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment. The findings of this SA are reported in the Sustainability Appraisal March 2015. Habitat Regulation Assessment of that version of the PSP Plan was undertaken at the same time (March 2015).

23.2 This consultation document has not been subjected to full Sustainability Appraisal or Assessment under the habitat regulations. It presents a methodology and evidence base to progress potential allocation of further residential sites, to address an issue with the 5 year supply of deliverable housing in South Gloucestershire. Thisconsultation document does not contain suggested allocation sites to address the 5 year housing supply.

23.3 It is not considered a realistic alternative to progress with the current version of the PSP Plan or avoid exploring potential additional housing allocations, as the council currently does not have a 5 year housing supply, as required by the NPPF. However, as no sites or policies are suggested within this consultation document, it is not considered to warrant full sustainability appraisal or consideration under the habitat regulations at this stage.

23.4 Following consultation on this document, new residential allocations will be taken forward in a revised proposed submission version of the PSP Plan. These allocations, along with new policies or policies which have undergone significant changes, since the March 2015 version of the PSP Plan, will be subject to sustainability appraisal.  The additional housing allocation sites within the proposed submission document, will also be subject to consideration under the Habitat Regulations and potentially appropriate assessment.

23.5 A revised Sustainability Appraisal Report will be presented at the time of the regulation 19 consultation. This report which will set out the sustainability effect of; new residential allocations, new or changed policies and proposed mitigations where significant negative effects have been appraised. Statutory consultees will be contacted as part of the regulation 18 consultation on the PSP Plan, to confirm the approach to undertaking the sustainability appraisal and habitat regulation of this document.