Grazing animals on Siston Common

What we want to know

South Gloucestershire Council is working on a plan to graze animals on approximately one third of Siston Common.

Grazing is shown to have a beneficial effect for biodiversity and this plan is part of our work to counter the unprecedented nature and wildlife challenges we face, which currently threaten the survival of many species.

As grazing animals have not been seen on Siston Common for some years, we appreciate that you may have questions and concerns regarding their return. We have set out how we intend to manage and mitigate potential issues and want to know whether you feel those measures adequately address possible concerns. Please read the supporting information before completing the questionnaire.

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We are interested in hearing from everyone with an interest in Siston Common, whether you live locally and walk on the common every day, or if you just drive past it once in a while, your view counts.

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From initial conversations with local people, we believe there is support for grazing animals here. However, we want to capture a wider range of views and understand what concerns people may have. With a greater understanding of the views of local people, we can better plan whether and how we take these proposals forward.


Additional information to help you give your feedback

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Maps showing where animals might graze

The potential benefits of grazing animals

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Problems completing the survey?

If you have any issues completing the survey, please contact South Gloucestershire Council's Insight and Engagement team by emailing

If you are sending a paper response, you should send it to:

South Gloucestershire Council, Insight and Engagement Team, Siston Grazing, PO Box 1953, Bristol, BS37 0DE


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    13 Mar 2023 at 07:00
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