Thornbury, A38 and Bradley Stoke Way improvements

Have your say on the Thornbury, A38 and Bradley Stoke Way improvements

We are seeking views on our proposals for improving conditions for people walking, cycling and travelling by bus along the Thornbury, A38 and Bradley Stoke Way corridor including:

  • Thornbury and the B4061 Alveston Hill between Thornbury and Alveston
  • The A38 corridor between Thornbury and Aztec West
  • Bradley Stoke Way between Aztec West and Great Stoke Roundabout

These areas are highlighted in the map below:

A38 corridor (002)

These proposals are being developed by South Gloucestershire Council as part of a wider programme of bus and cycle investment across the West of England by the Combined Authority. Funding for the improvements will be provided by the Combined Authority’s funding from Central Government and will not impact on funds available in South Gloucestershire for other council services. 

Your views are needed to help us to shape the proposals to encourage people to walk cycle and to use public transport more often.  The proposals that are presented on these pages will be refined in future work to detailed designs and further engagement will then take place through the Council’s website.  This is likely to be later this year. 

If you would like to be kept up to date with progress on this work, please register your interest with an email to this address

This current engagement is the first stage of engagement before an Outline Business Case (OBC) is submitted to the West of England Combined Authority for further funding to provide designs and to develop a full business case (FBC) as an OBC.

Thornbury High Street

These proposals are separate to those being developed in relation to Thornbury High Street but will complement them by improving bus stop infrastructure elsewhere in the town and through development of a new walking and cycling route connecting Alveston with Thornbury town centre.

Why are we doing this?

Whilst improvements have been made to bus services in recent years (including the introduction of the T1 service between Thornbury and Bristol and m1 metrobus services along Bradley Stoke Way), buses experience delays approaching key junctions on the route, particularly between the M5 and Thornbury. Also, facilities provided at bus stops vary greatly – many bus stops in Thornbury do not meet basic standards for accessibility ( to reduce the step between the bus and the kerb) or for bus shelters. Improved junctions, bus lanes, better bus stops and pedestrian crossings and will make using buses more reliable and attractive to use.

Provision for people cycling along the A38, B4061 and Bradley Stoke Way is limited, is not separated from busy traffic, or uses paths shared with pedestrians which can lead to conflicts. Creating safer facilities separated from traffic and pedestrians will make it make it a realistic choice for people of all abilities to cycle in safety In some locations a reduction in speed limit may also be desirable to improve safety for all travellers and provide a more attractive environment for walking and cycling.

In July 2019, South Gloucestershire Council declared a Climate Emergency. The council has taken urgent steps to address this situation and prepare for the local impact of climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Transport is a key generator of carbon emissions. An important part of our transport response is to provide a step-change in providing for walking, cycling and public transport. To do this we will be looking to reallocate road space from cars to people where this is practical to do so.

What are we proposing?

To provide improved facilities for buses and people walking and cycling, we are proposing the following:

Thornbury, Alveston and A38 improvements

  • Improvements to the bus stops throughout Thornbury, Alveston and along the A38
  • New bus lanes southbound approaching Church Road, Hortham Lane and M5 Junction 16 where buses regularly get stuck in traffic at busy times. Widening and extending the southbound left-turn lane at Church Road will help reduce delays to bus journeys
  • Improvements to the Grovesend Road and Alveston Hill junctions including additional traffic lanes and improved facilities for cyclists and pedestrians
  • A 2-way cycle track alongside the footway on the A38 between M5 Junction 16 and Alveston
  • A 2-way cycle track with separate footway between the A38 at Alveston and Thornbury town centre running alongside the B4061 for part of the route with a new off-road route to the south of the Leisure Centre
  • 1-way cycle tracks along the A38 between Alveston and Grovesend Road with separate footway or shared use path
  • Reduction in speed limits at Almondsbury, Rudgeway and north of Alveston to improve safety and support increased walking and cycling
  • Improved crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists along the A38 and B4061 Alveston Hill, to allow safe access to the new cycle track and to improve access to bus stops

Bradley Stoke Way improvements

  • A new westbound bus lane through Patchway Brook Roundabout where buses frequently experience delays at peak times
  • A new southbound bus lane approaching Savages Wood Roundabout (opposite Tesco) and additional capacity for northbound traffic at the roundabout which will help further to reduce delays to buses
  • A 2-way cycle track with separate footway mostly on the western side of Bradley Stoke Way to be constructed by widening the existing shared use path
  • Improved crossings to enable safer access to/from the cycle track from both sides of Bradley Stoke Way and when crossing side roads at junctions
  • Extension of the existing 30mph section at Savages Wood to the south due to the narrow section where the road bridge crosses Stoke Brook to make it safer and support increased walking and cycling

For further details please refer to the following documents:

  1. Statement of Reasons
  2. Summary of proposals (Thornbury, A38 and Bradley Stoke Way improvements)
  3. Proposals for Thornbury and Alveston (including Alveston Hill)
  4. Proposals for the A38 between Alveston and M5 Junction 16
  5. Proposals for Bradley Stoke Way
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Proposals for the A38 between Aztec West and Filton will be developed separately and subject to separate engagement.

Have your say

Drop-in sessions

You can also attend one of our drop-in sessions where you can find out more about the plans and ask any questions you might have. These will be available at the following times and locations:

  • Monday 28 February - 2.30pm to 6pm, The Games Room, Turnberries, Thornbury
  • Tuesday 1 March - 3pm to 7pm, Kipling Room, Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre
  • Thursday 3 March - 3pm to 7pm, Old School House, Almondsbury BS32 4ED

Alternatively if you have any questions or wish to be kept up to date on the project please email us at or you can write to us using the address below.

South Gloucestershire Council
Insight and Engagement Team
Council Offices
Badminton Road
BS37 5AF

Drop-in sessions

In line with any Covid guidelines in place at the time, it is our intention to arrange a number of face-to-face sessions and these will be added to this website when available.

What happens next?

We will analyse all responses received. They will help to inform the development of scheme designs and submission of an Outline Business Case to the West of England Combined Authority later in 2022. Assuming this is approved, we will commence further design work and the next stage will also include more detailed public consultation regarding the proposals. Construction is not expected to commence until 2024.

The consultation deadline has been extended to 23 March 2022

This consultation has now closed and our consultation report is now available.


  • Opened
    27 Jan 2022 at 15:00
  • Closed
    23 Mar 2022 at 23:59
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    28 Sep 2022


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