South Gloucestershire Local Plan: Policies, Sites and Places Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation (2015)

19. Step 2 - Assessment of the impact on the character of the existing settlements

19.1 Allocations being made in the PSP Plan will need to boost housing supply to address the shortfall, but must also avoid causing significant harm to the character of settlements as a result. This requires appropriate and proportional levels of growth in individual settlements, which avoid significant adverse impacts on character, including social characteristics and physical form, which would outweigh the benefits of growth. Therefore, the effect of additional housing on a village or settlement's ability to function as a sustainable, high quality place which meets local needs will also be considered when making decisions on where and how much housing is proposed for allocation in the PSP Plan. The principle of this approach is set out in the Core Strategy (Policy CS5). It is not the role of the PSP Plan to fundamentally alter the existing character of settlements. The scale of growth is likely to vary from settlement to settlement. The council favours directing most growth to settlements with greater access to facilities and services but some limited growth may also be appropriate in smaller settlements.

19.2 However, the council recognises that boosting housing numbers in specific settlements to support or enhance access and availability of key services and facilities, may lead to more sustainable outcomes. Land use aspirations were established in consultation with local communities through previous engagement on the PSP Plan. Please find these listed, by parish, in Appendix 2 Community Aspirations.

19.3 If you are promoting an additional allocation, please use the call for site response form to tell us how your proposal is proportional to the existing size and character of the settlement. Please also state how your proposal will address/contribute to the community aspirations established during previous consultation rounds of the PSP Plan and listed at Appendix 2.

19.4 It should be noted that the assessments of impact on character of the existing settlement will not be the only determinant of whether or not potential housing sites are progressed as an allocation in the PSP Plan. Further assessments of a sites suitability and deliverability are set out in sections 18, 20 and 21.