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Public Consultation - Current Online Consultations

This is your opportunity to let us know what you think about local services, issues and events and to keep up to date with consultation and involvement activities taking place across South Gloucestershire.

From here you can “Have Your Say” on current issues by filling in online questionnaires, commenting on plans or taking part in on-line discussions. You can look at planned, current and past consultation and involvement activities, look at the results of these and how they have been used.

If you register with us and tell us the issues you are interested in, we will contact you when an activity is due to take place or you can join in an activity as and when they happen.

Comments about planning applications should be made separately - View and comment on planning applications online.

Visit for more information on the devolution deal proposed between the Government and the four local authorities in the West of England.

Current Consultations


NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
LITTLE STOKE AND PATCHWAY – Various Roads - Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Stoke Lodge Primary School and St Chads Patchway C of E Primary School areas – Proposed 20 mph Speed Limit – STATUTORY NOTICE Open 03 Oct 2016 27 Oct 2016
CHARFIELD – Footpath OCH 8 – Rail Crossing Diversion Order – STATUTORY NOTICE Open 28 Sep 2016 28 Oct 2016
Cromhall - St Andrews Primary School - Proposed 20mph Speed Limit Open 10 Oct 2016 31 Oct 2016
BRADLEY STOKE – Various Roads, Wheatfield Primary School area – Proposed 20 mph Speed Limit – STATUTORY NOTICE Open 10 Oct 2016 03 Nov 2016
Superfast South Gloucestershire 2016
South Gloucestershire Council is requesting information and supporting evidence in relation to basic and NGA broadband infrastructure within the project area and wish to hear from all relevant stakeholders including residents, businesses as well as broadband infrastructure operators.
Open 10 Oct 2016 07 Nov 2016
MARSHFIELD – Various Roads, Marshfield School area – Proposed 20 mph Speed Limit – STATUTORY NOTICE Open 19 Oct 2016 12 Nov 2016
NIBLEY – Footpath LWE 11 (Part) – Public Path Diversion Order – STATUTORY NOTICE Open 19 Oct 2016 19 Nov 2016
Relevant area for school admissions in the school year 2019-2020
The Law requires all local authorities to set out the relevant area for school admissions. The Relevant Area describes the geographical area within which consultations on individual school admissions takes place. This is important in ensuring that parents and other interested parties can read the proposed admission arrangements for schools and academies that will apply in future years. It is proposed that the Relevant Area for school admissions in South Gloucestershire (including consultation and admission arrangements) in 2019-2020 should continue to be the whole administrative area of South Gloucestershire Council as outlined in the map contained in the attached document.
Open 07 Oct 2016 02 Dec 2016
Children and Young People's Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Strategy Open 06 Oct 2016 06 Dec 2016
BT Phonebox Removal
BT is consulting on the potential removal of 93 phoneboxes in South Gloucestershire
Open 12 Oct 2016 07 Dec 2016
Changes to Library Services Phase 2
Changes to Library Services Phase 2: the second phase of consultation on changes to the library service
Open 10 Oct 2016 02 Jan 2017
Community Based Services Re-commissioning 2016
A consultation on the re-commissioning of Community Based Services to include homecare and 1:1 support to access the community
Open 05 Oct 2016 05 Jan 2017

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