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This is your opportunity to let us know what you think about local services, issues and events and to keep up to date with consultation and involvement activities taking place across South Gloucestershire.

From here you can “Have Your Say” on current issues by filling in online questionnaires, commenting on plans or taking part in on-line discussions. You can look at planned, current and past consultation and involvement activities, look at the results of these and how they have been used.

If you register with us and tell us the issues you are interested in, we will contact you when an activity is due to take place or you can join in an activity as and when they happen.

Comments about planning applications should be made separately - View and comment on planning applications online.

Visit for more information on the devolution deal proposed between the Government and the four local authorities in the West of England.

Current Consultations

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  • Licensing Act 2003 Register Open Featured

    Find out about current licensing acts we are consulting on

    Open from 05 Mar 2019 to 30 Sep 2023

  • Houses in Multiple Occupation Article 4 Direction Proposal 2023 Closed Featured

    South Gloucestershire Council Consultation

    Open from 09 Jan 2023 to 31 Jan 2023

  • Clean Air Action Plan Closed Featured

    Open from 06 Dec 2022 to 31 Jan 2023

  • Avatar Moving Traffic Enforcement Powers Complete Featured

    The government has announced that local authorities outside of London and Wales can adopt moving traffic enforcement powers under Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004, currently enforced by the Police. We intend to apply for these powers, as they will allow us to enforce moving traffic offences such as banned turns, waiting in yellow box junctions and breaching of some weight restrictions using traffic enforcement cameras. By implementing a fair but robust approach to moving traffic enforcement, we aim to encourage compliance to make our roads safer, reduce congestion and protect public assets and infrastructure. We are asking you to give your opinion on our plans to apply for these powers.

    Open from 19 Dec 2022 to 30 Jan 2023

  • Annual Council Budget 2023/24 Complete Featured

    Consultation on the council's budget and savings programme for April 2023 - 2024

    Open from 17 Oct 2022 to 15 Jan 2023

  • Recommissioning Domestic Violence and Abuse Services Closed Featured

    Open from 25 Aug 2022 to 20 Oct 2022

  • Better Care Stronger Communities Commissioning Closed Featured

    We are recommissioning the Better Care Stronger Communities budget for a range of services and activities which support local communities. We are now consulting on our proposed changes to the procurement route, commissioning process, evaluation criteria and method of monitoring services provided.

    Open from 20 Jul 2022 to 10 Oct 2022

  • Electric Vehicles Charging - Draft Strategy Consultation Complete Featured

    Open from 11 Jul 2022 to 03 Oct 2022

  • Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2022 Closed Featured

    Open from 11 Jul 2022 to 08 Sep 2022

  • Recommissioning Our Youth Activities Offer Closed Featured

    In 2023 we will recommission who provides our Youth Activities, and as part of this we want to find out what activities young people will need in South Gloucestershire

    Open from 01 Jun 2022 to 23 Aug 2022

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