FILTON Proposed Gating Order Rear Access Lanes to Sixth Avenue, Seventh Avenue, Eighth Avenue & Ninth Avenue,

The Council is proposing to make a Gating Order using powers under Section 129A of the Highways Act 1980.  This will restrict public access to the rear access lanes serving Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue.  It will also affect the rear access lane behind 487-549 Filton Avenue, odd numbered properties 1-25 Ninth Avenue, and even numbered properties 2-72 Eighth Avenue.

The proposed Gating Order is requested on the basis of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.  Data submitted by the police show elevated levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.  There are also elevated levels of environmental crime.   

If the proposed Gating Order is made, keys will be provided to affected landowners, utilities and emergency services.  A  Gating Order does not affect the highway status of the land, and Council policy requires that it must be reviewed on at least an annual basis to ensure it is still appropriate to restrict access.

To comment on the proposed gating order, you can:

 The closing date for comments is 30th September 2013.

This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    29 Aug 2013 at 00:00
  • Closed
    30 Sep 2013 at 23:59
  • Response Published
    31 Dec 2013



Consultation Topic
  • Crime and community safety
  • Local highways and transportation projects
Geographical area
  • Filton
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  • All residents
Contact Details

Alison Richards, Street Cleansing Coordinator, Environment and Community Services Dept.

South Gloucestershire Council, PO Box 2081, Council Offices, Castle Street, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, BS35 9BP