A38 Cycle safety schemes 2013

The A38 Gloucester Road is a busy route for traffic travelling into and out of Bristol and can be busy at its junctions. Some of the junctions have a high concentration of accidents involving cyclists.
Purpose of Schemes
The schemes are proposed to improve the safety for cyclists travelling through junctions at Northville Roadroundabout, Filton roundabout, A4174/Filton Avenue junction and the A38 Patchway slip lanes.
Proposed Schemes
Northville Road Roundabout
These measures are designed to make it easier for drivers to look out for cyclists and remind them of the high number of cyclists using the roundabout.
The proposed scheme: 
  • Introduce cycle symbols at the roundabout entrances
  • Introduce hatching to reduce the carriageway to single lane entry on to the roundabout

Click here to view a plan of the Northville Rd Roundabout proposals.

Filton Roundabout
The proposed scheme will give cyclists travelling on the A38 southbound the opportunity to negotiate the roundabout separated from traffic.
The proposed scheme:
  • To convert the existing pedestrian (Puffin) crossing where the ring road meets Filton roundabout to a shared cycle / pedestrian Toucan crossing. Click here to view a plan of this proposal.
  • To convert the eastern footway into a shared cycle/ pedestrian path. This path will start at the side access into the Shield retail park by the Snow and Rock shop and run southwards to the proposed ring road Toucan crossing. It will then continue south to the bus lane just south of Filton Police station. Click here to view a plan of this proposal.
  • Modifications to the road markings on the A38 northbound approach to reduce the crossing distance of the junction and to stop vehicles blocking the path through the junction. Click here to view a plan of this proposal.
A38 / Filton Avenue Junction
For northbound cyclists, to provide an on carriageway cycle lane past the traffic island at the existing Airbus entrance. For southbound cyclists to raise drivers awareness of the presence of cyclists at this junction.
The Northbound proposal: 
  • Provide a 1.5 metre wide cycle lane along the side of the carriageway to allow cyclists to pass the traffic island without having to rejoin the flow of traffic.
The Southbound proposal: 
  • Infill the existing cycle lane with a green coloured surfacing which will help to highlight the cycle lane and will be a reminder to drivers to double check for cyclists before crossing it.

Click here to view a plan of the A38 / Filton Avenue proposals

 A38 Patchway Slips
To raise driver awareness of cyclists on the A38 carriageway where drivers merge into the A38 from the patchway slip lanes. To give cyclists the oppertunity to cross the slip lanes to avoid cycling through the slip roads merge point.
 The proposal: 
  • Install vehicle activated signs on both the northbound and southbound slip lane entries.  The signs will be triangular cyclist warning signs, designed to make cars aware of oncoming cyclists. These will be triggered by cyclists on the A38 approaching the ends of the slip roads.
  • Give cyclists on the A38 the opportunity of crossing the slip roads via a cut-through before the point where the slip road traffic merges with the A38 traffic.

Click here to view a plan of the A38 Patchway northbound slip road proposals.

Click here to view a plan of the A38 Patchway southbound slip road proposals.

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    28 Jun 2013 at 00:00
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    29 Jul 2013 at 23:59
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    20 Aug 2013

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