Review of council accommodation in Kingswood and Yate

About this review

The Council Savings Programme sets out how the council plans to deliver £22m of savings between now and 2020. Feedback from budget consultation exercises suggest that of the efficiency and money saving approaches under consideration, the option most strongly supported by residents is to make more efficient use of council assets such as land and buildings.

As such, we have conducted a review of our office accommodation with a view to rationalising our estate to see if we can make savings. Specifically, last year Matthew Riddle, the Leader of the Council, asked us to consider the use of Kingswood Civic Centre and whether we need this accommodation in addition to our Badminton Road offices in Yate, in the future.

We have identified several potential options to consolidate our estate without impacting frontline service provision, enabling residents to access the One Stop Shop, library and other council services locally. These options consider our likely future needs as an organisation. They take account of changing ways of working, likely future use of office space, training rooms and Civic requirements and support the aims of our community hubs project, i.e. developing a model of co-located services, including libraries, One Stop Shops and potentially other public sector organisations in single, easy-to-access facilities. Indicative cost projections for the options suggest that we could deliver annual savings of between £220k and £430k, contributing significantly towards our target of saving £928,000 by 2020 through making better and more efficient use of our council land and buildings.

This consultation will focus on the implications of accommodation provision in Kingswood and the Badminton Road site.

High level assessments have been made of each of the initial options considered, including producing indicative costings and revenue savings projections. These were considered by the Policy and Resources Committee and Full Council at their meetings in February. Concurrently with the consultation, the council will conduct further work on viability and costs, which when combined with findings from this consultation will enable an informed decision to be made in the summer. Given the nature of the proposals, it is likely that any changes will take one to three years to implement, obviously varying dependent on which option members decide upon.

The options

At this stage the council’s preferred option is to:

  • Consolidate and rationalise office accommodation at Badminton Road, building an extension for a flexible council chamber and meeting rooms, and to
  • Extend and remodel the existing Kingswood library to form a community hub including the One Stop Shop and other council and potentially partner services, and to
  • Dispose of the Kingswood Civic Centre, investigating options for commercial use to create employment opportunities in the area.

This combination maintains a civic presence and delivers strong annual cost savings whilst offering good flexibility to meet future accommodation requirements. We welcome your thoughts on this proposal and the other options outlined in this consultation.

The consultation document provides more details about the options that the council is considering for Kingswood and Yate. You can also see site drawings of the potential options.

Further information is also contained in the committee report considered by Policy and Resources Committee on 1 February 2016 (agenda item 15)

A copy of the initial draft equality impact assessment is available and we would also welcome comments on this.

Have your say

We welcome comments on the options outlined in this paper for both Kingswood and Yate and to understand better what the impact of any changes could be on service users, the provision of services and access to democracy. The consultation is open between 22 February and 13 May 2016.

Further information is available from your local South Gloucestershire library and One Stop Shop.

You can find out more or tell us your views by:

  • Completing our consultation feedback survey (or to download and return to us)
  • Email:  
  • Write to: FREEPOST RTCT-JXLE-EETT, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Research & Consultation Team, Accommodation Consultation, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, BRISTOL, BS15 9TR
  • Phone: 01454 868154

We will be holding some staffed drop in sessions at Kingswood Library and One Stop Shop where you can find out more and ask questions. 

  • 23 March 2pm to 7pm at Kingswood Library
  • 12 April 4pm to 7pm at Badminton Road Offices reception area
  • 18 April 4pm to 7pm Kingswood Civic Centre reception area

If you would like someone to talk to your group or organisation about these proposals, please contact us using the details above to arrange.

Future stages of the accommodation review could impact on the location of One Stop Shop and library services in other areas. Separate consultations are currently underway on the future delivery of library services and savings in the delivery of customer services including One Stop Shop provision.

This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    22 Feb 2016 at 00:00
  • Closed
    13 May 2016 at 23:59


Consultation Topic
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Democracy and participation
  • Local economy & business issues
  • Spending and budget
  • Voluntary and community sector issues
Geographical area
  • Kings Chase
  • Rodway
  • Woodstock
  • Yate Central
  • Yate North
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You can find out more or tell us your views by:

  • Email:  
  • Write to: FREEPOST RTCT-JXLE-EETT, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Research & Consultation Team, Accommodation Consultation, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, BRISTOL, BS15 9TR
  • Phone: 01454 868154