Transfer of small sites to support delivery of Affordable Homes





The future of the following property is under consideration: Various parcels of land adjoining social housing sites

South Gloucestershire Council is opening this decision to public consultation between 14 May 2018 until midnight on 31 July 2018.


UPDATE 18th June 2018: Extension to the consultation period to 30th July 2018 (previously 26th June).

Sites removed from the proposed package:

  • 1067 Mulberry Close, 1242 Bredon Close, 1369 Witcombe Close, 450 Barrington Close - Kingswood
  • 108, 112, 113 Streamleaze - Thornbury
  • 580, 582 Valley Road - North Common
  • 74 Over Lane - Easter Compton

Sites added
to the proposed package:

  • 347 Gifford Crescent/Lawford Avenue - Little Stoke
  • 1076 Barrington Close - Kingswood
  • 1503 North Road - Thornbury
  • 894/359  Avon Crescent – Wickwar (previously included within 177 Avon Crescent and separated for easier reference)


Additional street names and plans included for clearness on some sites. Note – addition of footpath within 575 Valley Road/Samuel Wright Close.



The parcels of land in question were retained by the Council when its housing stock was transferred to Bromford (formerly Merlin) in 2007. They consist of a mix of landscaping, highway verge, hard surfaced and cleared sites (e.g. former garage sites). At that time it was considered in the Council’s interests to hold these for strategic purposes, e.g. possible future housing development or sale to generate capital receipts. The majority of these sites however are either considered a liability to the Council and/or not capable of standalone development.

It was decided in 2014 to approach Bromford with a view to regularising this, whilst working together to generate new affordable homes. Since that time a ‘land package’ has been agreed in principle to include 54 parcels of land. The intention is to transfer these freehold to Bromford. Where it is possible and viable, Bromford shall build new affordable homes, with this likely to require the inclusion of their adjoining land in some instances. It is currently anticipated that this proposal could generate approximately 42 new homes. There is also an added benefit to the Council of removing ongoing maintenance liabilities, these being passed to Merlin or their successors in title where there is no development potential, but their maintenance benefits Bromford properties.

On the occasion that a parcel of land (with or without the incorporation of Bromford's adjoining land) does not provide a viable development scheme for Bromford, but has potential to generate a capital receipt, they are permitted to subsequently sell these at market value. This however would be subject to the capital receipt they receive being reinvested in addressing the need for affordable housing in South Gloucestershire.

Where a parcel of land within the package is considered to be capable of standalone development prior to the transfer best consideration will be payable by Merlin at the outset.

It should be noted that the proposed land package transfer does not grant any permissions under the Planning or Highways Acts for change of use or for development. Any permissions would need to be sought in the usual way.

All land will be transferred subject to any existing rights of way or easements.


Parcels of land which are being consulted on

The parcels of land in question can be found by ward below, and a plan is provided for your reference.


Almondsbury Ward
Bitton Ward
Boyd Valley Ward
Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge Ward
Bradley Stoke North Ward
Bradley Stoke South Ward
Charfield Ward
Chipping Sodbury Ward
Cotswold Edge Ward
Dodington Ward
Downend Ward
Emersons Green Ward
Filton Ward
Frampton Cotterell Ward
Frenchay and Stoke Park Ward
Hanham Ward
Kings Chase Ward
Ladden Brook Ward
Longwell Green Ward
Oldland Common Ward
Parkwall Ward
Patchway Ward
Pilning and Severn Beach Ward
Rodway Ward
Severn Ward
Siston Ward
Staple Hill Ward
Stoke Gifford Ward
Thornbury North Ward
Thornbury South and Alveston Ward
Westerleigh Ward
Winterbourne Ward
Woodstock Ward
Yate Central Ward
Yate North Ward



How to have your say

  • Complete the online survey
  • Print and complete a paper copy of the survey and return to our Freepost address - no stamp needed. Paper copies of the survey can also be found in local libraries and One Stop Shops. 


    Freepost  RTXL-YJXJ-BXEX, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Research & Consultation Team, Council offices

    Badminton Road, Yate, BRISTOL, BS37 5AF

This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    1 May 2018 at 17:00
  • Closed
    30 Jul 2018 at 23:59



Geographical area
  • Almondsbury
  • Bitton
  • Boyd Valley
  • Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge
  • Bradley Stoke North
  • Bradley Stoke South
  • Charfield
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Cotswold Edge
  • Dodington
  • Downend
  • Emersons Green
  • Filton
  • Frampton Cotterell
  • Frenchay and Stoke Park
  • Hanham
  • Kings Chase
  • Ladden Brook
  • Longwell Green
  • Oldland Common
  • Parkwall
  • Patchway
  • Pilning and Severn Beach
  • Rodway
  • Severn
  • Siston
  • Staple Hill
  • Stoke Gifford
  • Thornbury North
  • Thornbury South and Alveston
  • Westerleigh
  • Winterbourne
  • Woodstock
  • Yate Central
  • Yate North
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