Iron Acton/Frampton Cotterell/Westerleigh - Proposed Closure of Frampton End Road and 20mph Speed Limit

The Planning Transport and Strategic Environment Committee met on 30 January to discuss the scheme proposals.  Both supporters and objectors attended the meeting and were given the opportunity to present their concerns  to the Members. 

Members agreed unanimously to include the scheme to close Frampton End Road and Mays Hill at three closure points as detailed in Option 1 and introduce a 20mph speed limit in the Local Transport Priority List.  The Local Transport Priority List will be considered by the Frome Vale Area Forum Members in the  7 March meeting and a decision will be made as to which schemes will be selected for inclusion in the 2013/14 Local Transport Capital Works Programme.

This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    31 Oct 2012 at 23:59
  • Closed
    28 Nov 2012 at 23:59


Consultation Topic
  • Local highways and transportation projects
Geographical area
  • Frampton Cotterell
  • Westerleigh
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