Parkwall & Warmley - Part of former Grange School Site, Tower Road North, Warmley. BS30 8XL - Consultation on the Future of Property

As you will be aware, The Grange Secondary School has been closed for some time and the Council has been looking at alternative uses for the site.  The southern part has been identified for a new two form of entry primary school following recent approval by the DfE and for sport related uses.  The northern part of the site within the red line on the attached plan is potentially surplus to Council requirements.

The Council has adopted procedures to ensure that before any decision is taken to release or reallocate property there is a wide circulation of details to its departments and Members together with relevant Town/Parish Councils to ensure that any possible Council uses or uses the Council might wish to support, are identified and examined in details.

The land comprises grassed playing field, all weather pitch and embankment.

I would like to determine whether there is any alternative realistic interest in the property within the Council before any wider consultation is undertaken.  All requests will be given full consideration prior to any decision on the future of the property.

If, after due consideration, a decision is made to declare the property surplus to Council requirements and consider its disposal, a full community consultation process will follow prior to progressing any redevelopment proposals.  I would stress that at this stage the red outline is indicative only and the exact boundaries will be determined once full plans are drawn up to identify specific uses for the proposed surplus land subject of this consultation and the retained land to the south.




This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    14 Aug 2019 at 18:00
  • Closed
    30 Sep 2019 at 23:59



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  • Democracy and participation
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  • Parkwall and Warmley
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