Potential changes to Greenbank playing fields

Request for landlord’s permission to carry out improvement works at Greenbank Playing Field


South Gloucestershire Council has been formally approached by AEK Boco Football Club, as landlord of Greenbank playing fields, to give landlord’s permission to apply for planning permission to undertake a number of proposed site enhancements.

This request has become necessary as the club’s continuing success has meant that they now need to future proof their home ground to comply with the Football Association’s Standards for Step 6. This would require a number of improvements to the facilities on site.

To ensure that we consider the potential positive and negative impacts of these proposals on local residents before we make a decision, we are keen to receive views and feedback on the potential changes from individuals who live either around Greenbank playing fields or on Fisher Road.


UPDATE: This consultation is  now open until midnight Friday 5th OCTOBER 2018


The requests we are consulting on:

  • Request: to install floodlighting, around the main grass pitch, to comply with FA Standard Step 6.


Initial observations: Preliminary design indicates the need for up to 8 permanent 15m high flood light columns. These columns would be fitted with the latest LED lighting units that direct the lighting and contain light spill.

The new industry standards for LED lighting indicates controlled light spill that will not impact site neighbours in the same way that traditional sports lighting has in the past.

Exact details of the lighting design and position of the columns would only be drawn up for the purpose of a planning application.

The granting of landlord’s permission does not automatically mean that planning permission would also be granted.

Use of the lights would be restricted through landlord’s permission to ensure minimal use and documented in a variation to the lease/licence with the club.

  • Request: to install a 1.8m high permanent fence, around the perimeter of the main pitch, with gates for the control and safety of spectators during matches to comply with FA Standard Step 6.


Initial observations: Gates must remain opened, when a league match is not being played, to allow use of the space by the general public.

This restricted public access on, or across the pitch during match times, is no different to what takes place currently.

The proposed fence would be of a metal mesh construction that would allow for visibility through the fence.

  • Request: to install 2 permanent covered spectator areas adjacent to the main pitch to comply with FA Standard Step 6.


Initial observations: These features would be installed within the proposed fence boundary of the main pitch and would need to be designed to provide minimal negative visual and auditory impact.

Detailed designs would only become available if landlord’s permission is approved for the club to submit an appropriate planning application.

  • Request: to increase use of the main pitch by; 1 weekday evening match, if floodlights are used these will be off by 21.30hrs and; 1 Saturday match, if flood lights are used these will be off by 19.30hrs.


Initial observations: the need for this request is dependent upon landlord’s permission and planning permission for the lighting proposal being given.

The lease/licence with the club would need to be varied to ensure that if this is agreed, that there are covenants to restrict and control use to within the granted parameters.

  • Request: to move cricket provision to Fisher Road playing fields


Initial observations: Fisher Road does not currently have cricket provision, so this would be seen as a replacement facility rather than a loss.

The Gloucester Cricket Board have been consulted on this proposal and have confirmed their support to relocate to Fisher Road.

  • Request: to rotate the main pitch, only if required, to accommodate reduced impact on immediate site neighbours to alleviate lighting concerns and accommodate potential conflict with the main sewer that runs along the north boundary of the site.


Initial observations: Industry standards for the LED lighting proposal indicates controlled light spill that is unlikely to demonstrate any nuisance benefit by rotating the pitch.

An initial feasibility assessment suggests that the position of the proposed lighting columns is unlikely to impact on the easement required for the main sewer.

Detailed technical drawings would be required for the planning application, assuming that landlord’s permission is given to proceed to this next stage.

Please be aware that the process of giving landlord’s permission would not guarantee achieving planning permission.


View the Initial Equalities Impact assessment here, and let us know if you believe there is anything to add to it


How to have your say:

Complete our survey online

Email: consultation@southglos.gov.uk

Telephone: 01454 868154

Write to: Freepost  RTXL-YJXJ-BXEX, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Research and Consultation Team, Council Offices, Badminton Road, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5AF


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    5 Oct 2018 at 23:59
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