South Gloucestershire new Local Plan: Consultation document (February 2018)

Local Plan Consultation Document (February 2018)


Please note that this consultation has now closed


There has never been greater pressure on our urban and rural areas to accommodate additional housing and economic growth. As a Council and a community, we need to plan ahead for homes, workplaces, services, facilities and infrastructure that will meet our needs up to 2036 and ensure the continuing prosperity of our area.

The South Gloucestershire Local Plan will help identify the sustainable growth we need over the next 20 years. The Local Plan will guide how and where this will happen. It will include where homes, businesses, transport, schools and other services and facilities will go. We will use the completed Plan to decide whether planning applications that come forward are appropriate and meet our needs.

The feedback received from last year’s new Local Plan Prospectus consultation has helped us to shape and prepare the next stage of the Local Plan. The Local Plan Consultation Document was available for you to comment on between 5 February and 30 April 2018.

The Local Plan Consultation Document sought views on how we can ensure the delivery of the new homes and jobs that are needed, along with the infrastructure, services and facilities required to support sustainable growth. To achieve this we consulted on key areas of change and are developing new approaches to planning for development.








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Evidence base

The Consultation Document is supported by a range of evidence base documents available to view from this page - evidence base. This includes the Call for sites and Updated Sustainable Access Profiles.

How to respond to this consultation

To respond to this consultation visit this webpage.


Where can I find the consultation documents?

Please take the opportunity to comment online. A hard copy of the Local Plan Consultation Document is available to view at the Council’s One-Stop Shops. All documents can be viewed online at the Council’s Libraries for reference.

Local Plan consultation events

Thank you to everyone who attended the following public drop-in sessions.


  • Thursday 8 March - Hanham, Community Centre (BS15 3EJ), 5:30-7:30pm.
  • Friday 9 March - Patchway, Coniston Community Centre (BS34 5LP), 6-8pm.
  • Thursday 15 March - Stoke Gifford, St Michael’s Centre (BS34 8PD), 4:30-6:45pm.
  • Monday 19 March - Kingswood, Park Centre (BS15 4AR), 5:30-7:30pm.
  • Tuesday 20 March - Yate, Ridgewood Community Centre (BS37 4AF), 6-8pm.

Over 280 people attended to give their feedback on the Local Plan Consultation Document. The exhibition boards from the events are available below. The consultants who ran these events and are preparing a report of the feedback received.

Non-Strategic Growth Events

Ward Councillors, Town & Parish Councillors as well as Neighbourhood Plan Groups were invited to three sessions covering Non-Strategic Growth element of the Consultation Document. These events took place on the 19, 21 and 22 of February 2018. A presentation was given outlining the Non-Strategic Growth aspect of the Local Plan, this was followed by a Questions and Answers session and breakout session. The presentation given can be found here.

Urban Living Invited Workshops

Three workshops where held to explore the idea of Urban Living. Invitees to these sessions included Ward Councillors, Town & Parish Councillors, council officers, schools, infrastructure providers, landowners and developers. The events took place on the 9, 19 and 20 March and covered The North Fringe, East Fringe and Yate. The results of these workshops is being compiled into a report by consultants, Nash Partnership who ran the events.

Further engagement will be undertaken later in the year as the Local Plan progresses.

Next Steps

The Local Plan Delivery Programme outlines the next steps for the new Local Plan





The information collected as part this consultation will also be used by the Council in accordance with the data protection principles in the Data Protection Act 1998. The purposes for collecting this data is: to assist in plan making; and to contact you, if necessary, regarding the planning consultation process. Some of the data may be made public as it will form part of the evidence base used to inform the creation of planning policy documents. The above purposes may require public disclosure of any data received on the response form, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Full privacy statement –

This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    5 Feb 2018 at 13:00
  • Closed
    30 Apr 2018 at 23:59

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Consultation Topic
  • Planning policy & strategy
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