South Gloucestershire new Local Plan: Consultation document (February 2018)

Local Plan



Local Plan

There has never been greater pressures on our urban and rural areas to accommodate additional housing and economic growth. There is an urgent need to plan ahead for the homes, the workplaces, services, facilities and infrastructure that will meet our needs up to 2036 and ensure the continuing prosperity of our area.

South Gloucestershire Council wants to do this in a sustainable way to provide good quality, well designed development which strengthens our communities and provides the range of infrastructure, services and facilities to enable all parts of the community to prosper.

In doing this we will be able to demonstrate a strategy for growth and a ‘five year land supply’ in line with the requirements of national policy. If the council has a robust plan, then we will be better able to ensure new development has regard to the public interest in securing the right growth in the right locations, to create and sustain great places to live and work. The council is keen to partner with all who have an interest in place making, using its powers to intervene where the market is unable to bring forward the development we want to see quickly enough, in order to achieve these goals.


The new South Gloucestershire Local Plan (SGLP) will respond positively to the challenges facing South Gloucestershire. The driving force is the Joint Spatial Plan which is the higher level plan for the West of England area and sets the strategic housing and employment numbers and locations for development.

We want the focus of the plan to be based on a vision, spatial strategy and planning policies that work proactively to achieve:

  • Places that perform to a higher status economically, socially and culturally, where people want to live, work and invest in by choice;
  • Opportunities for intervention by the council where the market is unable to bring forward the development we want fast enough or as we would like it to;
  • A more evident and stronger network of town centres in the urban areas serving distinct neighbourhoods;
  • Stronger focus on regeneration to realise the development potential of brownfield sites in urban areas;
  • Delivering high quality strategic growth in new neighbourhoods;
  • New small scale development to meet the needs of rural communities;
  • Protection of our open countryside, Green Belt and valuable natural and historic assets;
  • Major enhancements in the scale and choice of travel alternatives;
  • Delivery of a wide range of options for business to locate and grow; and
  • Delivery of infrastructure of all sorts including much improved green and public spaces required to maintain liveability alongside growth. Planning for our future South Gloucestershire Local Plan 2018 - 2036 consultation document.


This document is part of ongoing engagement on the preparation of the new South Gloucestershire Local Plan (SGLP) 2018-2036. It seeks your views on some key areas of change where we are developing new approaches to planning for future development. This is presented in three sections as follows:

Part 1

As an introduction to the new South Gloucestershire Local Plan we have prepared a brief portrait of South Gloucestershire as it is today, set out the key issues that are facing the area and the priorities for the SGLP to tackle these issues.

Part 2

Introduces the proposed strategy for delivering the development we need. Three elements of the strategy where we are proposing a change to our existing approach are explored further and we are seeking your views on these:

  1. A new approach to urban living - to maximise the use of brownfield land within our urban areas for both residential and employment uses;
  2. Strategic Development Locations – additional large scale development at 5 locations in Charfeld, Thornbury, Yate, Coalpit Heath and a new garden village at Buckover; and
  3. Non-strategic development - smaller scale development in our rural areas.

Part 3

Seeks views on those development policies where we have identified that a new approach is required. The final plan will be informed by responses to this and other consultation events and evidence, as well as the final version of the West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). It will contain:

  • An introduction, spatial portrait, issues and priorities for the plan;
  • A vision for the area up to 2036;
  • Policies to set out the final approach to the distribution of retail, homes and employment land;
  • Vision and policies for each part of the district including detailed site allocations;
  • A suite of policies to manage development; and
  • A policies map showing where each of the policies in the plan will apply.