South Gloucestershire new Local Plan: Consultation document (February 2018)

Sustainable Access Profiles - February 2018

Sustainable Access Profiles provide the following information:

Please note that this consultation is now closed

  • Basic demographic information for settlements;
  • The range and number of key services and facilities accessible by walking and cycling from each settlement;
  • Availability of public transport connections to locations containing key services and facilities;
  • Maps displaying location of accessible key services and facilities;
  • Key changes and updates including comments received on the 2015 Topic Paper and January 2017 Sustainable Access Profiles
  • A list of key services and facilities within each settlement.

The 2018 Sustainable Access Methodology provides an understanding of how information in the Sustainable Access Profiles was collected and analysed. The data collected and used in the Sustainable Access Profiles can be found in the supporting documents below:

This table displays a count of all key services and facilities and public transport connections across all locations which have a Sustainable Access Profile. 

This table displays the public transport services and journey times which contribute to a place being considered as having a public transport connection to key services and facilities.


Please click the names below to view individual Sustainable Access Profiles.

Acton Turville 2018


Coalpit Heath 2018

Frampton Cotterell 2018

Latteridge 2018

Rangeworthy 2018

Tormarton 2018

Almondsbury 2018


Cold Ashton 2018

Hallen 2018

Littleton upon Severn 2018

Redwick 2018

Tytherington 2018

Alveston 2018


(Bibstone and Townwell)

Hambrook 2018

Marshfield 2018

Rockhampton 2018

Upton Cheyney 2018

Aust 2018


Doynton 2018

Hawkesbury Upton 2018

Old Down 2018

Rudgeway 2018

West Littleton 2018

Badminton 2018


Dyrham 2018

Hill 2018

Old Sodbury 2018

Severn Beach 2018

Westerleigh 2018

Bitton 2018


Easter Compton 2018

Hinton 2018

Oldbury-on-Severn 2018

Shortwood 2018

Wick 2018

Bridgeyate 2018


Elberton 2018

Hortham Village (Lane) 2018

Olveston 2018

Siston 2018

Wickwar 2018

Charfield 2018


Engine Common 2018

Horton 2018

Pilning 2018

Thornbury 2018

Winterbourne 2018

Chipping Sodbury 2018

Falfield 2018

Iron Acton 2018

Pucklechurch 2018

Tockington 2018

Yate 2018

Urban Edge Locations

Urban Edge Location by Hanham

Urban Edge Location - Mangotsfield 2018

Urban Edge Location - Oldland Common 2018

Urban Edge Location - Longwell Green 2018

Urban Edge Location - Warmley 2018


The 2018 Sustainable Access Methodology, and individual Sustainable Access Profiles were available for public consultation, as part of the February new Local Plan Document consultation.

The Consultation began on 5 February 2018, and closed on the 30 April 2018.

To comment on the information within the Sustainable Access Profiles or Sustainable Access Methodology please use the response form provided on the how to respond webpage and quote the individual Sustainable Access Profile or Methodology.


Previous Consultation

The 2017 Sustainable Access Profiles and Methodology

Consultation took place between 12 January 2017 and 23 February 2017. Comments received on the 2017 Sustainable Access Profiles and Methodology consultation has been used to update the content of the 2018 Sustainable Access Profiles.

Key updates from 2017 consultation

  • Update on key services and facilities in each profile taking account of closures, additional and relocation of key services and facilities; and
  • Introduction of increased cycle distances to employment facilities
  • Revised centre point for Thornbury;
  • Creation of five new profiles covering Urban Edge locations.

Details of these updates and reasoning for them can be found in the 2018 Sustainable Access Methodology and in the individual sustainable access profiles.

The 2017 Sustainable Access Profiles and methodology have now been superseded and replaced by the information within the 2018 Sustainable Access Profiles.

2015 Topic Paper

A Rural Settlements and Villages 2015 Topic Paper, was produced and publicly consulted on in November 2015. Consultation comments received on the 2015 Topic Paper informed the approach to and content of the Sustainable Access Profiles. The 2015 Topic Paper and Appendices have now been superseded and replaced by the information within the 2017 Sustainable Access Profiles.


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