Ground Mounted PV Solar Panel Project; Leigh Farm 1, Pucklechurch

South Gloucestershire Council is investigating the potential for a ground-mounted, photovoltaic (PV) solar panel scheme at Leigh Farm 1, Pucklechurch, one of the council’s tenanted small holdings.

Before we decide whether to submit a planning application for the scheme we would like to hear the views of local residents and stakeholders on the proposals.  We hope the information that we have provided will help you understand the proposals and inform your comments. Please contact Rob Webbon or Jane Thompson (Environment and Climate Change Officers) if you have any further questions: or tel no. 01454 863468 or 863470.

What is a PV panel?

PV or Photovoltaic is derived from photo, which means light, and voltaic, which means electricity. PV cells convert sunlight into electricity. They are normally made of silicone, contain no moving parts and produce no emissions or noise in operation. A number of cells are joined together to form a PV panel, usually with a metal frame and glass surface to protect the cells. A panel is designed to absorb light and not to reflect it.

What is a ground mounted solar PV Scheme?

Banks of solar PV panels mounted on a structure fixed to the ground.  These are connected to inverters and transformers that are connected to the local electricity distribution grid.

In the UK, the panels are usually arranged facing south, and are tilted at an angle to maximise the energy collected from sunlight, usually 20 degrees to 30 degrees. Insert image/drawing.

For this project we have secured a grid connection offer from Western Power which would allow us to build a scheme that would produce enough renewable electricity to supply equal to that used by all 935 homes, 81% of all the homes in Pucklechurch.

Why do we want to do this?

We want to develop this scheme to:

  • Increase the generation of renewable energy
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Increase energy security
  • Generate income for the council and the community

Where do we want to do this?

At Leigh Farm 1 in Pucklechurch; in two fields located to the North of the M4 motorway, adjacent to Westerleigh Road.

Why have we selected this site?

The Pucklechurch Parish Plan includes an ambition to develop a renewable energy project in the area and this site has been identified as the best council owned site for a solar scheme. Plus, the site faces South, a key factor with these projects. 

Further Information

There is a range of information available below in the Summary information document and the Questions and Answers paper to help further explain the details around the project including:

  • Technical information regarding PV solar panels and how they link to the national grid
  • Options around different models of ownership that will bring the greatest level of public benefit
  • Maps of the area and the specific site

Please take time to read the supporting information for this project, then complete the online questionnaire and give us your views. Alternatively, download the questionnaire and send to the Freepost address below.

Please contact Rob Webbon or Jane Thompson (Environment and Climate Change Officers) if you have any further questions: or tel no. 01454 863468 or 863470.

Find out more and have your say

We welcome comments on this consultation between 15th June and the 15th July 2015

Come along and talk to us at the dedicated stall at this year's Pucklechurch Revel on Saturday, 20th June plus stop by to chat at the local drop-in session on this potential project on Tuesday, 30th June from 3pm - 7.30pm at a Pucklechurch Community Centre.

We are particularly keen to find out your views on whether the site is suitable for solar and what level of interest there is in either a council or community owned project.

You can find out more or tell us your views by:

  • Completing the online questionnaire or alternatively download and print-off the attached questionnaire paper version and send it to the Freepost address below.
  • Email:
  • Write to: FREEPOST Plus RTCT-JXLE-EET, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Research & Consultation Team, PV Solar Panel Farm Project Consultation, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, BRISTOL, BS15 9TR
  • Phone: 01454 868195

If you would like someone to talk to your group or organisation about the draft strategy, please contact us using the details above to arrange.




This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    16 Jun 2015 at 00:00
  • Closed
    26 Jul 2015 at 23:59

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