PATCHWAY - Proposed 20 mph speed restriction, waiting restrictions and traffic calming measures

Traffic issues in the Coniston Road area of Patchway have been reviewed and a number of possible improvement measures have been identified.  Proposals have also been discussed by Patchway Town Council and presented at a public exhibition arranged by the town council.   

The aim of the proposals is targeted at reducing traffic speeds (in those locations without 20 mph restrictions or traffic calming), improving vehicular access and improving road safety at junctions.  There are also proposals to introduce some additional limited waiting parking on Rodway Road to encourage a turnover of vehicles at the kerbside.

These schemes are programmed for implementation during within this financial year (2014/15), and are subject to sufficient support from local business and residents, and comments received at a future formal consultation.


An outline of the proposals is as follows:

Introduce 20 mph speed restriction

Traffic speeds are currently restrained on part of Coniston Road (between Highwood Road and Stroud Road) by speed cushions and road associated narrowings.  Speed recordings on this section of Coniston Road indicate that average speeds are just over 18 mph. There is an existing 20 mph speed limit operating in Brighton Road, Cranbourne Road, Lee Close, Rodway Road and Thirlmere Road (average recorded speeds are 20 mph).   

Department for Transport guidelines indicate that a 20 mph speed restriction could be introduced without accompanying traffic calming measures should average speeds be less than 24 mph.  Speed recordings on roads lying between Coniston Road and Rodway Road indicate that on average vehicles are travelling at speeds less than 24 mph except on that part of Coniston Road (west of Stroud Road).  Average speed recordings are shown in the Average Speed Data drawing.     

It is proposed to extend a 20 mph speed restriction to Coniston Road and all roads (not already operating with a 20 mph speed limit) either accessing Coniston Road, or lying between Coniston Road and Rodway Road. Given the recorded speeds on those roads either accessing Coniston Road or lying between Coniston Road and Rodway Road a 20 mph speed restriction could be implemented without traffic calming measures. 

The extent of the proposed speed limits are shown as green lines on the speed restriction and traffic calming area plan.


Speed Tables

Given that average speeds recorded on Coniston Road (west of Stroud Road) are 33 mph, traffic calming measures are needed to introduce a 20 mph speed restriction. 

It is proposed to introduce (75mm high and 8 metres long) speed tables on Coniston Road (west of Stroud Road) and on Stroud Road to help reduce vehicular speed and support the proposed 20mph speed restriction.

The locations of the proposed speed tables are shown as red squares on the speed restriction and traffic calming area plan.


Short-stay parking bays

It is proposed to introduce additional short-stay parking bays on Rodway Road.  The introduction of additional short-stay parking would encourage a turnover of vehicles to facilitate shopping and visitors to the medical centre on Rodway Road are proposed.

The extent of the proposed short stay parking bays are shown as dashed magenta lines (1 hour maximum stay, outside the shops) and as a green line (2 hour maximum stay, outside the medical centre) on the drawings.  The proposals are shown on Plan 5 (centred on Coniston Road / Rodway Road).


 Waiting restrictions (yellow lines)

It is also proposed to introduce additional waiting restrictions to improve access and road safety at a number of locations (primarily road junctions) and to support public transport.  

The proposed no waiting at any time restrictions (double yellow lines) are shown as red lines and the proposed no waiting 8am to 10am, Monday to Friday restrictions (single yellow lines) are shown as yellow lines in the drawings. The overall area plan shows the sections covered by the more detailed drawings Plan 1 (centred on Coniston Road / Sycamore Drive), Plan 2 (centred on Coniston Road / Stroud Road), Plan 3 (centred on Coniston Road / The Parade), Plan 4 (centred on Coniston Road / Norman Scott Park) and Plan 5 (centred on Coniston Road / Rodway Road).


Have your say

The drawings showing the proposals are available directly via the links on this page or in the consultation documents section below. They can also be viewed at Patchway Town Council offices or at Patchway library during normal opening hours.

To tell us your views you can:

The closing date for comments is 30 September 2014.

This consultation has now closed and our consultation report is now available.


  • Opened
    1 Sep 2014 at 00:00
  • Closed
    7 Oct 2014 at 23:59
  • Response Published
    24 Oct 2014

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