Siston Waiting Restriction Review 3 - Consultation 2

This consultation is a follow up from the outcome of the first Siston Waiting Restriction Review 3 Consultation. It's aim is to address concerns raised during the first consultation period and consult on the changes made to the proposals as a result of the feedback received.

You can find the previous consultation and its results by following this link: 


A number of concerns have been raised by local residents and businesses about parking on High Street, Station Close, Warmley Station Car Park and the surrounding areas. Some of this has been exacerbated by parking relocating from the new residents parking scheme that was implemented in Tower Road North and Station Road that was introduced for similar reasons.

Following meetings with the local Councillor and a public meeting with local residents, it is proposed to modify existing waiting restrictions and introduce new waiting restrictions which include:

  • No waiting at any time (double yellow lines)
  • Limited waiting
  • Shared use, residents permit holders and limited waiting bays
  • Pavement parking ban

The purpose of this scheme is to restrict dangerous areas of parking, whilst ensuring that there is adequate parking provision for residents and visitors accessing the local shops and businesses.

The previous consultation brought to light some amendments that needed to be made to the proposals, for more information you can read the feedback report which has been published on the consultation page for the first consultation.

The following amendments have been made to the original proposals:

  • The proposed limited waiting outside 17 to 29 High Street has been changed to a shared use bay and numbers 5 -15 will be consulted to determine whether they would like residents permits.
  • Extra properties including the beauty salon have also be included within the eligibility zone of those who can apply for permits and have be asked to respond during this consultation as to whether they want a resident’s permit scheme.
  • The shared use bay proposed on the south side of the High Street has be amended so that it doesn’t block access to numbers 48 and 48A as well as the access to the planned new development.
  • A shared use bay has been added on Chapel Lane outside of numbers 4-8.
  • The proposed restrictions on Station Close have been amended.
  • Double yellow lines have been added outside number 3-5 Chapel Close
  • The long stay section of the Warmley Station car park has been changed from a 4 hour stay to a 6 hour stay


The aim of this consultation is to find out whether there is support for the amendments only, not the entire scheme.

The roads effected by these proposals are:

  • High Street
  • Chapel Lane
  • Chapel Close
  • Station Close
  • Warmley Station Car Park.


Please see the consultation documents/drawings for more information.

The drawings showing the proposals are available directly via the links on this page or in the consultation documents section below.

To tell us your views you can: Respond to the Questionnaire

Responses to the consultation will not be accepted in any other format.

Please view both the Statement of Reasons and the Proposal Drawing before answering the questionnaire.


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Email: Transport Services
Write to: FREEPOST RTXL-YJXJ-BXEX , South Gloucestershire Council, Siston WRR 3 - Cons 2, Design & Operations team, Council offices, Badminton Road, Yate, BRISTOL, BS37 5AF

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The closing date for comments is the 22nd October 2018

This consultation has now closed, feedback on the consultation is now available.


  • Opened
    1 Oct 2018 at 00:00
  • Closed
    22 Oct 2018 at 23:59
  • Response Published
    30 Nov 2018

Summary of Results

  • Feedback Report
    This report details the results from this consultation and the future program for the scheme.



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