Alveston - Strode Common, Proposed changes to speed limits

Concerns have been raised by the Local Councillor about the appropriateness of the speed limits on Strode Common between Strode Gardens and Pump Lane. At Pump Lane the speed limit is 40mph.  This changes to derestricted (60mph) east of Pump Lane to West of Lime Grove, then changes back to 40mph on the edge of Alveston village before dropping to 30mph east of Strode Gardens.  There are currently 3 changes of speed limit on this road in less than two thirds of a mile.  

The local member has requested that the derestricted section be reduced to 40mph, matching the speed limit in Old Down and the buffer zone speed limit be reduced to 30mph, matching the speed limit in the village.

Speed monitoring recorded average speeds of 41mph on the derestricted section of Strode Common, which supports the introduction of a 40mph speed limit.


Purpose of Scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to introduce a realistic speed limit for the road and encourage those travelling at above the current average speed to reduce their speed. It should also reduce the frequent changes in speed limit which can cause confusion and has resulted in excess signage.  Reduced speeds should also make the route more attractive for walking cycling and horse riding.

The scheme is not being promoted as a road safety scheme and in the last 5 years there have been no recorded injury accidents here.


Please see the consultation documents/drawings for more information.

The drawings showing the proposals are available directly via the links on this page or in the consultation documents section below.

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The closing date for comments is the 15 June 2018

This consultation has now closed, feedback on the consultation is now available.


  • Opened
    24 May 2018 at 00:00
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    15 Jun 2018 at 23:59
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    20 Jul 2018


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