PUCKLECHURCH - B4465 Westerleigh Road speed table


The B4465 Westerleigh Road provides a link from the A4174 ring road and A420 to Yate for local traffic. There is a 7.5t weight restriction in place that reduces heavy goods traffic to a minimum.

Difficulty crossing this road at busy times has been raised as an issue with the parish council and in turn there have been requests to South Gloucestershire Council as highway authority to put in place measures that will help.

Pucklechurch parish council were presented the results of an investigation into the potential for a formal crossing of Westerleigh Road in Pucklechurch at a meeting in November 2016.

At the meeting, where the benefits of a zebra crossing and other measures were discussed, support was shown for a speed table located with an informal crossing point as the most appropriate solution.

A relatively low pedestrian crossing demand outside of peak periods, along with some higher recorded vehicle speeds do not reflect the circumstances suitable for a zebra crossing site.

Providing a speed table will bring lower and more consistent traffic speeds and also alter the balance from vehicle dominance back towards the pedestrian in this part of the village.

The result would be to make journeys on foot to local amenities and the school feel safer and as a consequence encourage more walking by a wider section of the community.

Support shown for the scheme has led to an implementation scheme being promoted to the councils 2018/19 capital programme.

Aims of the scheme:

  • To provide an easier to use crossing point on Westerleigh Road, for the benefit of the mobility impaired and pupils of the primary school located on Castle Road.
  • To support local and national policy in promotion of active travel through cycling and walking, with more numerous and attractive facilities.
  • To reduce instances of speeding through the village.


The proposed scheme is to:

  • Install a speed table (road hump).
  • Install an accessible crossing point that utilises the speed table.
  • Provide the appropriate warning signs for the speed table and accessible crossing.


Please see the consultation documents/drawings for more information.

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