Oldland - A4174 Wraxall Road (Woodstock) Roundabout - Proposed Improvement



The council has investigated options to improve the operation of the Wraxall Road Roundabout (also known as Woodstock Roundabout), located on the A4174 Avon Ring Road in the Kingswood area, at the junction with Tower Road and Wraxall Road. This is part of a wider package of improvements to Ring Road junctions proposed in the draft Joint Local Transport Plan 4 (2019 – 2036) for the West of England.

The West of England Combined Authority has approved the outline business case for a preferred scheme. Public consultation on this will support the development of a full business case, which is required for funding to be secured to deliver the scheme.


Purpose of Scheme

The A4174 Avon Ring Road is a principal route in the Greater Bristol area providing a link between the A4 and Bath in the south to the M32 and the M4 to the north. The Ring Road also provides access to local residential and employment areas such as the Bristol and Bath Science Park.

The roundabout currently experiences congestion during the busiest hours on weekdays, with queuing causing delays to Ring Road traffic but also to vehicles entering the roundabout using Tower Lane and Wraxall Road. This includes local bus services. The delays are expected to increase as traffic levels grow, mainly due to more housing and jobs planned for the Bristol area.

The council consulted on a road safety scheme for the roundabout in 2015 which was since delivered.  The council is now exploring options to introduce traffic signals at the roundabout with the main objective of improving the flow of traffic on the A4174 Ring Road. This junction is currently the only one on the Ring Road without traffic signals.

The objectives of the improvement scheme are to:

  •  Reduce the number and severity of collisions at the roundabout;
  • Improve traffic flow along the A4174 Ring Road and reduce delays on approaches to the
  • Improve air quality in the vicinity of the roundabout;
  • Maintain capacity, or reduce delays where possible, on the Wraxall Road and Tower Road
    approaches; and
  • Enable growth from housing and other development schemes.

Proposed Scheme

The improvement scheme involves works to convert the existing roundabout into a fully signal controlled through-about i.e. a roundabout with lanes running through the middle of it. It includes widening of the roundabout approaches into the verge to provide three lanes for the straight ahead/through movements.

The following is a link to a video clip showing the results of traffic modelling that uses forecasted traffic flows in 2036.  The video shows what we predict will happen to the roundabout if we do nothing compared to what we predict will happen if the proposal is implemented, the specific time of day is 8:45am:



Further details are shown on the consultation drawing (see below).



Construction is subject to receiving funding and a date for construction is yet to be determined.


Drop-in Sessions

If you would like more information before responding to the consultation, we are holding two drop-in sessions where plans of the scheme will be on display and representatives from StreetCare will be present to answer questions.

  • Wednesday 6 March 5-7pm

Warmley Community Centre

  • Wednesday 13 March 5-7pm

Warmley Community Centre


  • Wednesday 20 March 3-6pm

Kingswood Heritage Museum, Tower Lane, Warmley, BS30 8XT


Have your say

To tell us your views you can: Respond to the Questionnaire

Responses to the consultation will not be accepted in any other format.

Please view both the Statement of Reasons and the Proposal Drawing before answering the questionnaire. 

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Responses are only accepted in the form of the questionnaire, however if you have any questions you can email the address provided below:

Email: Transport Services

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The closing date for comments is the 29th March 2019


This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results.


  • Opened
    6 Feb 2019 at 00:00
  • Closed
    29 Mar 2019 at 23:59


Consultation Topic
  • Local highways and transportation projects
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