Cycling City Route 10 (Southern Link to UWE)


In 2008 South Gloucestershire Council, jointly with Bristol City Council, were chosen as Britain's first Cycling City.

Government funding totalling £11.4 million has been awarded to the area to transform cycling infrastructure and to pioneer innovative ways of making cycling a real transport option for more residents. This funding will be matched by Bristol and South Gloucestershire councils and their partners creating a total scheme value of £22.8 million.

The aim of the Cycling City project is to double the number of cyclists in the greater Bristol area by promoting and encouraging cycling through better infrastructure, training and promotion.

The Cycling City project will implement safe, continuous, attractive, comfortable and coherent routes across the project area.

This route has been designed with the help of the South Gloucestershire Cycle Forum. The forum is a group of regular cyclists who have worked with engineers to ensure the proposed route is suitable and to overcome current problems on the route.


The route is designed to provide a mixture of both on and off carriageway cycle facilities catering for leisure and commuter cyclists of all abilities.  The route originates from Bristol along an established textured surface path through Stoke Park, situated between Hermitage Woods and The Dower House.  This path starts at Duchess Gate off Frenchay Park Road, (B4058), and will eventually link with recently upgraded cycle infrastructure from Eastville Park and beyond. 

This existing path emerges onto the public highway in Jellicoe Avenue.  At this point, the Route 10 proposals split in two directions:

Primarily on carriageway direct link to the UWE (and Bristol via Lockleaze)

(This section of the route is likely to be of most benefit to experienced cyclists seeking a direct access to the UWE campus).

A left turn from Jellicoe Avenue takes cyclists on-carriageway through the Stoke Park estate and uphill to a point between 114 and 116 Jellicoe Avenue.  At this point, the route joins an existing public right of way, LSG/27, which runs between the properties to emerge onto the access road to the Cheswick development.  This grit path is maintained by the Council and serves as a popular route for cyclists and pedestrians. 

From the Cheswick access road the UWE site can be reached in moments via a proposed raised table crossing point linking with Cycling City Route 9 (Northern Link to UWE), along LSG/22.  Also from this point, cyclists can head west into Bristol along an existing path owned by Redrow Homes Ltd, which extends to Romney Avenue, Lockleaze.  This path is being re-aligned by Redrow and the provision of lighting improvements will be investigated as part of this scheme.

Primarily off carriageway link to the UWE (via Parnell Road and Coldharbour Lane)

(This section of the route is flat and likely to be more attractive to less experienced or leisure cyclists.  It offers a largely traffic free route towards the various UWE entrances along Coldharbour Lane and routes beyond -  including Cycling City Route 12, leading to Frenchay, and Route 7, the Ring Road path).

A right turn from Jellicoe Avenue takes cyclists onto Parnell Road and on towards Coldharbour Lane along an existing shared use path, via Lancelot Road.  The proposals then include a series of raised cycle / pedstrian crossing points - Lancelot Road itself and five junctions along Coldharbour Lane, (including the UWE main entrance).  It is also proposed to widen the existing footway on Coldharbour Lane to shared use, (north of the existing zebra crossing), and to improve the cycle markings and signing along the existing shared use path on the Cheswick access road.  Cycling City bollards will be installed throughout the route.


The scheme is programmed for implementation during 2010/11, subject to comments received during the public consultation stage.

A public exhibition is planned from between 19th & 30th April 2010, (inclusive), at the 'One Zone' restaurant on the UWE, Frenchay Campus.  The  'One Zone' restaurant is located in room 1E27, on the first floor of E block - campus reception will be happy to provide assistance to any visitors.

Click here for a map of the UWE Frenchay Campus. 

(For details of cycle parking on this site click here). 

This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    6 Apr 2010 at 00:00
  • Closed
    4 May 2010 at 23:59



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  • Local highways and transportation projects
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  • Frenchay and Stoke Park
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