WINTERBOURNE - B4058/B4427 Crown Corner, Hambrook - Proposed build-out on junction


The council has identified a casualty reduction scheme at the junction of the B4058 / B4427 at Crown Corner Hambrook. Personal injury incident records at this junction indicate a consistent pattern of incidents.  Vehicles making a right turn manoeuvre out of the B4427 (Old Gloucester Road) collide with vehicles travelling towards Winterbourne on the B4058 (Bristol Road).

A build-out was constructed at this junction circa 2004, designed to slow down vehicles turning left into Old Gloucester Road (B4427), thereby slowing all traffic travelling northbound on Bristol Road (B4058).

The current proposal represents an extension to this principle. An extended build-out is proposed to maximise the slowing effect on vehicles making a left turn manoeuvre, from Bristol Road (B4058) into Old Gloucester Road (B4427).   The proposal has been tracked to ensure that large vehicles can turn into Old Gloucester Road.

Purpose of the scheme

To slow down vehicles turning into Old Gloucester Road and thereby reduce personal injury incidents at this location. Collisions appear to occur when southbound vehicles on Old Gloucester Road exit in front of eastbound vehicles on Bristol Road. The proposal is to slow northbound left turning vehicles sufficiently to enable southbound vehicles on Old Gloucester Road to differentiate between vehicles making a turning movement and vehicles travelling straight-on towards Winterbourne.

Proposed scheme

The proposal is to install a build-out at the junction, where vehicles turn left from Bristol Road into Old Gloucester Road. The scheme would also provide; a 1.5m wide cycle by-pass lane for cyclists making the left turn; a hatched area on west side of central island to allow large vehicles to manoeuvre and encourage other vehicles to reduce their speed when turning into Old Gloucester Road; and rationalise and replace existing direction signs.

The proposals are shown in plan T437-417-002


Subject to the comments received at consultation and public advertisement, the proposals are programmed to be implemented during the 2018/19 financial year.

Ways to Respond and have your say

The drawings showing the proposals are available on this page from the links or under consultation documents below.

To tell us your views you can:

The closing date for comments is 16 March 2018.

This consultation has now closed and our consultation report is now available.


  • Opened
    19 Feb 2018 at 00:00
  • Closed
    16 Mar 2018 at 23:59
  • Response Published
    04 Apr 2018


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