Cycling Strategy for South Gloucestershire (draft)

The Vision for cycling in South Gloucestershire is that:
South Gloucestershire will become a place where people of all ages and abilities will feel happy to cycle, from ages 8-80

Cycling is a cheap, healthy and pollution free way for people to get around. It can be built into everyone’s daily routine and, by making a commute to work or trip to the shops into a physical activity, South Gloucestershire will become a healthier place.

This draft Cycling Strategy for South Gloucestershire aims to make cycling an easy option for people to use by making the local transport network as safe and convenient for cycling as possible through investment in infrastructure and high quality maintenance.

The Benefits of Cycling:

  • Cheap – no fuel required! A year’s bike maintenance costs a lot less than other forms of transport.
  • Healthy – cycling can help improve your fitness and reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity.
  • Productivity – cycling can also help productivity through more alert workforce and less days off ill.
  • Reliable journey times – bicycles don’t get stuck in the traffic congestion.
  • Less congestion – more cyclists means fewer cars on the road.
  • Less pollution – fewer cars on the road means cleaner air.
  • Efficient use of space – 8 bicycles can be parked in the space of one car.

Challenges for South Gloucestershire

With a large urban area closely linked with Bristol bike journeys can seem too long. Our cycle routes must allow people to travel efficiently from A-B and integrate well with public transport. The dominance of the car can cause severe traffic congestion at peak times. By providing better cycling routes we hope to provide a realistic alternative to the private car. For many people, living in rural areas means reliance on their car. We want to encourage cycling as a realistic option in rural areas.

Links to development sites

South Gloucestershire’s Core Strategy identifies continuing growth in the area with 26,000 new homes and major employment sites at the Enterprise areas at Emerson’s Green, Filton and Severnside planned over the next decade.

Therefore our cycle network must grow to support this development, by providing sustainable routes from people’s homes to the places that they work, shop and socialise. Provision for cycling will be embedded within all new development from the outset.

Think Cycle

To ensure that the vision and aims of this Cycling Strategy will be successful, it is essential to ensure cycling is one of the first things people think about when considering new development and transport infrastructure. To do this we must make sure that the decision makers such as the Council Members, officers, consultants and developers, have a ‘think cycle’ approach embedded in all their decisions.

Previous Consultation and Ongoing Engagement

Community groups and local stakeholders were invited to take part in workshops as part of the development of this Strategy and we intend that this level of engagement will continue. The Council is also committed to providing ongoing engagement and consultation with stakeholders in the business sector as well as cycle interest groups and local communities. We will continue to engage with the Cycle Forum in order to build an understanding of the needs of cyclists and any issues that may arise and the public will be engaged and consulted in order to build up an clear understanding of the current barriers to cycling, allowing the Council to work towards their removal.

Find out more and have your say

We welcome comments on the draft Cycling Strategy between the 30th November 2015 and the 15th January 2016.

Please take time to read the full, draft Strategy, the Technical Guidance document and the images and maps that support both these papers. There is also a concise Summary for Consultation available.

We are particularly keen to find out if you feel that all relevant areas are being considered and whether you think there are any specific impacts or alternatives that the council and its partners should consider.

Information is also available from your local South Gloucestershire library and One Stop Shop.

You can find out more or tell us your views by:

  • Email:
  • Write to: FREEPOST RTCT-JXLE-EET, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Research & Consultation Team, Cycling Strategy Consultation, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, BRISTOL, BS15 9TR
  • Phone: 01454 868195

If you would like someone to talk to your group or organisation about the draft strategy, please contact us using the details above to arrange.


This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    27 Oct 2015 at 00:00
  • Closed
    15 Jan 2016 at 23:59

Consultation Documents


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  • Almondsbury
  • Bitton
  • Boyd Valley
  • Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge
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  • Bradley Stoke South
  • Charfield
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Cotswold Edge
  • Dodington
  • Downend
  • Emersons Green
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  • Frampton Cotterell
  • Frenchay and Stoke Park
  • Hanham
  • Kings Chase
  • Ladden Brook
  • Longwell Green
  • Oldland Common
  • Parkwall
  • Patchway
  • Pilning and Severn Beach
  • Rodway
  • Severn
  • Siston
  • Staple Hill
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  • Thornbury North
  • Thornbury South and Alveston
  • Westerleigh
  • Winterbourne
  • Woodstock
  • Yate Central
  • Yate North
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