Kingswood Leisure Centre - Refurbishment Options

The results of the second phase of consultation are now available.

South Gloucestershire Council recently undertook a second phase of consultation on the refurbishment plans for Kingswood Leisure Centre.

This consultation closed on the 12th November and the full consultation report is now available.

The decision to go ahead with option 1 has been made and works will start in the new year.
The decision papers are available from this link.

Why are we doing this?

We want to achieve several things:

  • We want to provide a high quality 21st century leisure centre providing the clean, modern and bright facilities that residents deserve
  • We want to improve the experience of using the centre for new and existing customers to help them lead active and healthy lives
  • We want to extend the life of the building 
  • We want to improve access, especially for people with wheelchairs and buggies 
  • We want to make the centre more energy efficient, saving environmental resources and also saving on running costs  

 What are the options?

Artist impression of new Pool Hall

Option 1 - If we modernise...

  • Fully refurbished and redecorated pool hall with improved lighting, spectator area and cleanliness 
  • Swimmers’ changing rooms, showers and toilets will be upgraded and modernised, with new tiling and lockers 
  • We’ll move the gym into a new, larger, lighter space alongside a purpose built dance and spinning studio 
  • The existing pool will be made into a standard 25 metre pool, like Longwell Green Leisure Centre 
  • There will be a new learner pool adjacent to it (so parents can keep an eye on both pools if necessary) 
  • The whole centre will be more accessible for wheelchairs and buggies
  • Refurbished and more welcoming reception area
  • We’ll carry out a number of improvements to energy efficiency, including a new boiler and improved insulation and weather-proofing, which will make the centre more energy-efficient and save on running costs

This will cost £2.8million of which £600,000 comes from reduced running costs. There will be no increase to your Council Tax.
We’ll then have a modern and attractive 21st century leisure centre which will provide high quality facilities for another 20 years.

Current Pool Hall

Option 2 - If we keep it as it is ...

  • The pool hall and spectator area will not be improved
  • We won’t be able to do more than basic maintenance of swimmers’ changing, showers and toilets
  • The gym will remain in its current location with no purpose built facilities for dance and spinning
  • The swimming pool will remain at its existing length
  • The learner pool will remain where it is, separated from the main pool area
  • We’ll still carry out the energy efficiency improvements, including the new boiler and improved insulation and weather-proofing
  • We’ll make some improvements to access
  • The reception area will remain unchanged
  • We’ll make some cost savings, but less than if we modernise - the larger pool needs more water, which costs more to heat and treat

Option 2 will cost £2.2 million, and will save us £200,000 from reduced running costs. There will be no increase to your Council Tax.
We’ll still have a centre which should last another 20 years, but inside it will not have modern and attractive 21st century facilities.

Our preferred option is to fully modernise the centre, but we need to know which option you prefer.

This consultation has now closed and our consultation report is now available.


  • Opened
    27 Sep 2010 at 00:00
  • Closed
    12 Nov 2010 at 23:59


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