A403 and Aust Village - Casualty Reduction Scheme

The A403 is a principal road which provides the main link between Severnside and M48 Junction 1. Traffic flows, which are in the order of 8000 vehicles per day, are relatively low for an A road. However, a high proportion of the traffic consists of HGV?s.
Speed readings taken south of Main Road at Aust have recorded the following 85th percentile speeds:
 Northbound 55.4mph
 Southbound 58.2mph
The Council?s injury accident database shows that seven accidents, including one fatal, have occurred on the section of the A403 between M48 Junction 1 and its junction with Aust Warth during the period December 2004 ? March 2006. Additionally, there have been four recorded injury accidents on the roundabout on M48 Junction1.
In 2003 a casualty reduction scheme to address a poor injury accident record was installed on the entire length of the A403 within South Gloucestershire. The scheme included:
 Introduction of a 50mph speed limit between the Bristol boundary and Severn Beach.
 Installation of revised carriageway markings and signs at the end of the dual carriageway sections of the road in order to comply with national regulations and prevent overtaking.
 Installation of edge of carriageway markings on single carriageway sections to reduce the perceived width of the running lane, thus reducing vehicle speeds.
 Installation of a consistent style and size of warning signs along the entire length of the road.
In view of the injury accident record and the speed measurements, the Council has allocated further funds (15,000) to allow for the introduction of accident remedial measures on the northern section of the A403.

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