Patchway - Shellmor Avenue - Traffic Management Measures WORKS COMMENCING ON SITE MONDAY 26TH NOVEMBER 2012


Following the consultation exercise with the residents within the surrounding area of Shellmor Avenue, the result of the questionnaire concluded the following:-

Option 1 - The Left Turn Ban to all motorised vehicles from the A38 Gloucester Road into Shellmor Avenue (with an exception for pedal cyclists), as the preferred option to move forward for implementation.

The preferred option can be seen on Drawing No T423-227-101

Received Comments

The majority of comments received from the returned questionnaires made reference to the Stoke Lane / Shellmor Avenue junction stating that the junction needed to be improved because of difficulty of the alignment especially for vehicles turning left into Shellmor Avenue.

The information received was presented to Southern Brooks Area Committee at their meeting in November 2011, where the Committee selected Shellmor Avenue, as a scheme for implementation in 2012/13 from its £50,000 allocation to implement a Left Turn ban into Shellmor Avenue from the A38, as well as investigation works to improve the Stoke Lane / Shellmor Avenue junction to improve the access.

The Objections report to the prefered Option 1 - Left Turn Ban to all motorised vehicles from the A38 Gloucester Road into Shellmor Avenue (with an exception for pedal cyclists) was presented to the Planning, Transportation & Strategic Environment Committee on Wednesday 19th September 2012.

The officers recommendations were as follows:-

  • To implement the proposed left turn ban from A38 Gloucester Road into Shellmor Avenue, Patchway as publicly advertised.
  • That the Head of Legal and Democratic Services seal the Traffic Regulation Order for the proposed left turn ban.
  • That the objectors are informed accordingly.

The decision made by the Councillors was an overwhelming approval (All voted in favour) from the PTSE Committee to proceed with the 'Left turn ban' onwards to implementation. 


The works will be carried out in two stages as follows:-

Stage 1 - Monday 26th November 2012 to carry out the works at the Shellmor Avenue / Stoke Lane junction to widen the carriageway to improve the access.

Please note on the grounds of Health and Saftey, Shellmor Avenue will be closed from Shellmor Close to the junction of Stoke Lane whilst the widening works are carried out.

A diversion route will be in place as shown on Drawing No T423-227-102

Stage 2 - Monday 3rd December 2012 to carry out the works at the A38 Gloucester Road / Shellmor Avenue junction to close off vehicle access for left turn manouvres (Except for pedal cyclists) 


This consultation has now closed and we are analysing the results, which will be published here in due course.


  • Opened
    1 Nov 2012 at 00:00
  • Closed
    31 Dec 2012 at 23:59

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