Drug and alcohol treatment services commissioning

What we want to know

Through the Public Health Grant from the Government, we pay for specialist organisations to deliver adult drug and alcohol treatment services to those people in South Gloucestershire who are affected by the harms caused by drugs and alcohol. We are nearing the end of our contract with our current providers which gives us an opportunity to review our services and to identify what works, what could be changed and where there may be gaps.

We have completed engagement events with service users, staff and professionals and have used the feedback from these to shape how we believe services should be delivered in the new contract.

We would now like feedback on our proposed model for delivering drug and alcohol services.

Share your views

We are particularly keen to hear from individuals who are impacted by drug and alcohol use:

  • Individuals who have used treatment services
  • Individuals who have not used treatment services but may benefit from support for their drug and alcohol use
  • Families and carers of people who are impacted by drug and alcohol use
  • Professionals with experience of working alongside individuals with drug and alcohol issues
  • Individuals who feel that they belong to a community that has an under-represented voice.

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How your feedback will be used

Your views will help us to develop our services. Specifically, your feedback will help guide decisions around:

  • Whether we should focus most of our resources on recovery-based interventions, such as mental health support and skills for life
  • If there are areas of treatment & recovery that we have not considered
  • If our proposed model supports our aim to reduce inequalities particularly for those with protected characteristics
  • How services can be best deployed to support families and carers

Additional information to help you give your feedback

Commissioning intentions

Proposed service model, vision and outcomes

Equalities Impact Assessment and Analysis

Complete a paper survey

Problems completing the survey?

If you have any issues completing the survey, please contact South Gloucestershire Council's Insight and Engagement team by emailing consultation@southglos.gov.uk

If you are sending a paper response, you should send it to:

South Gloucestershire Council, Insight and Engagement Team, Drug and alcohol service commissioning, PO Box 1953, Bristol, BS37 0DE


  • Opened
    20 Jan 2023 at 08:00
  • Closes
    17 Mar 2023 at 23:59

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