KINGSWOOD - Brook Road - Prohibition of Driving Restricted Hours - ETO 2020

On the 9 May the Department for Transport issued statutory guidance of the reallocation of road space to encourage cycling and walking and enable social distancing. Measures needed to be taken quickly given the urgent need to change travel habits before the ‘restart’ following lockdown takes full effect. We are still required to practise ‘social-distancing’ and the expectation is that this will continue for the foreseeable future.

A priority area to meet these statutory requirements is to provide safe access for pupils and families attending schools.

To further maintain social distancing and to continue to encourage safe access to and from schools, it is the council’s intention to introduce an experimental part time ‘school street’ road closure with a view to permanently implement such measures in future.

School Streets is part of a national campaign which also addresses other concerns affecting schools such as reducing traffic congestion, improve air quality, general road safety outside schools, as well as encouraging active travel to school and healthier lifestyles for families.

The experimental order becomes operative on 1st September 2020.

To tell us your views you can: Respond to the Questionnaire

Please view the Statement of Reasons, Notice of Proposals and the Proposal Drawing before answering the questionnaire.

Comments must be sent to us in writing after the measures are in place, and should preferably be submitted using the online questionnaire.

Please include reasons for any comments you make against any decision to make an order for the indefinite continuation of this scheme. Comments in support of the scheme and your reasons for making them are also invited.

Please also note that all representations received may be considered in public by the Council and that the substance of any representation together with the name and address of the person making it could become available for public inspection.

If you have any questions that are not answered by the online scheme information before submitting a response, you can request assistance by email or telephone using the contact details provided below. 

The council will in due course consider all submissions and other information collected during the trial before making a decision whether to make the changes permanent. This will happen within 18 months of commencement.

The closing date for comments is the 1st March 2021

It is preferable to answer the online questionnaire, however if you wish to submit your comments in writing you may do so to the Head of Legal, Governance and Democratic Services at the address below:

South Gloucestershire Council, Chief Executive & Corporate Resources Department, Legal Governance and Democratic Services, P O Box 1953, Bristol BS37 0DB

E mail:

Please quote the Reference L3/DFA/STOP/PT.6626

A feedback statement will be published here in due course describing the next steps and summarising all the responses.

At the end of the six month objection period copies of all objections and comments received in respect of this matter will be forwarded to the Director of Environment and Community Services for investigation and for consideration as to whether or not the traffic measures and legal order should be continued indefinitely, or be abandoned. Should there be a variation to the order the six month objection period will restart, but in any case the decision will be made within 18 months of commencement.

Please register in order to respond to this consultation and to be updated as the project progresses.

This consultation has now closed, feedback on the consultation is now available.

It has been proposed to process a variation order for this school street scheme and therefore, an additional six month objection period will restart on 30th June 2021, but in any case the decision as to whether to make the ETRO permanent will be made within 18-months of commencement.

The variation order consultation page will be available to view KINGSWOOD - Brook Road - Prohibition of Driving Restricted hours - Variation Order No.1 - ETO 2021 from 30th June 2021.


  • Opened
    19 Aug 2020 at 00:00
  • Closed
    1 Mar 2021 at 23:59
  • Response Published
    28 Jun 2021


Consultation Topic
  • Local highways and transportation projects
Geographical area
  • Kingswood
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